Damages (Asbestos-related Conditions) (Scotland) Bill (Ex) (E)


Outcome: E

A Bill to provide that certain asbestos-related conditions are actionable personal injuries; and for connected purposes.

Current Status of the Bill

The Bill received Royal Assent on 17 April 2009.

Bill (As Passed)

Stage 1

The lead committee for Stage 1 was the Justice Committee. 

Lead committee: Justice Committee

Other committee:

Subordinate Legislation Committee (2 September 2008):

Chamber proceedings at Stage 1 (5 November 2008):

The Bill passed Stage 1 on 5 November 2008.

The deadline for consideration of Stage 1 was 6 November 2008.

Stage 2

The Bill was referred to the Justice Committee at Stage 2.

Stage 2 took place on 2 December 2008. 

The deadline for amendments was Wednesday 26 November 2008.

2 December 2008 (Consideration of amendments)

The Bill passed Stage 2 on 2 December 2008.

The deadline for Stage 2 was 5 December 2008.

An 'As Amended' version of the Bill was not produced for this Stage as no amendments were lodged.

SPICe briefing on Bill (Parliamentary Consideration prior to Stage 3):

Stage 3

The Stage 3 debate was held on 11 March 2009.

Chamber proceedings (11 March 2009):

The Bill passed Stage 3 on 11 March 2009.

Royal Assent

The Bill received Royal Assent on 17 April 2009.  

The following volume, published on 26 April 2013, contains all the material relevant to the passage of this Bill:

Passage of the Bill:

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