Workers (Aggravated Offences) Scotland Bill


 Hugh Henry

Proposal Details

Proposal for a Bill to create a specific offence of attacking a worker who in the course of their work have face to face contact with the public

Draft Proposal

 Lodged 22 June 2009

Proposed Workers (Aggravated Offences) Scotland Bill consultation (57KB pdf posted 23.06.2009)

Final Proposal

 Lodged 9 December 2009

Proposed Workers (Aggravated Offences) Scotland Bill summary of consultation responses (45KB pdf posted 10.12.2009)

Supporters 1 month from date lodged


Proposed Workers (Aggravated Offences) Scotland Bill supporters (17KB pdf posted 12.01.2010)


Protection of Workers (Scotland) Bill was introduced on 1 June 2010.

The Parliament disagreed to the general principles of the Bill on 22 December 2010 and the Bill therefore fell.

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