80/2013: Thursday 16 May 2013

Scottish Parliament

Revised at 13.06 am


Correction in Section F

Motion S4M-06589: Alex Johnstone: Scotland Favours an Effective Nuclear Deterrent

Due to an administrative error in processing the above motion, support from John Swinney and Derek Mackay was wrongly added to this motion. I would like to make it clear that neither Member had supported this motion.

I have personally apologised to these two Members for this error.


Chamber Desk Arrangements - Spring Holidays

Members may wish to note that the Chamber Desk will be closed on Friday 24 May 2013 and Monday 27 May 2013. Arrangements for lodging of First Minister’s Questions, Topical Questions, motions and amendments for debate and the random draw for General and Portfolio Questions are set out below.

The deadline for submitting First Minister’s Questions for Thursday 30 May is 4.30 pm on Thursday 23 May.

The deadline for submitting Topical Questions for Tuesday 28 May is 9.30 am on Tuesday 28 May.

Motions for debate on Tuesday 28 May should be lodged with the Chamber Desk by no later than 4.30 pm on Wednesday 22 May; amendments to these motions should be lodged by 4.30 pm on Thursday 23 May.

Motions for debate on Wednesday 29 May should be lodged with the Chamber Desk by no later than 4.30 pm on Thursday 23 May; amendments to these motions should be lodged by 4.30 pm on Tuesday 28 May.

Members are advised that the deadline for submitting names for Portfolio Questions on 5 June 2013 and General Questions on 6 June 2013 is 4.30 pm on Thursday 23 May. Members who are selected will be advised by email on that day.

Summary of Today’s Business

Meetings of Committees

9.30 am

European and External Relations Committee

Committee Room 6

9.30 am

Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee

Committee Room 2

1.15 pm

Justice Sub-Committee on Policing

Committee Room 6

Meeting of the Parliament

11.40 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

11.40 am General Questions

12.00 pm First Minister’s Questions

12.30 pm Members’ Business – S4M-06139 Margaret McDougall: University Marine Biological Station Millport

2.30 pm Parliamentary Bureau Motions

2.30 pm Scottish Government Debate: Electricity Market Reform

followed by Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5.00 pm Decision Time

For full details of today’s business, see Section A. For full details of the future business, see sections B and C.

Section A: Today's Business

Meetings of Committees and Meeting of the Parliament

Section B: Future Meetings of the Parliament

Future Meetings of the Parliament

Section C: Future Meetings of Committees

There is no information on future meetings of Committees in today's Business Bulletin

Section D: Oral Questions

Questions selected for First Minister’s Question Time and Questions selected for response by Ministers and Junior Scottish Ministers at Question Time

Section E: Written Questions

New Questions for Written Answer

Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and Amendments

Section G: Bills

New Bills introduced, new amendments to Bills and Members' Bills proposals

Section H: New Documents

New documents laid before the Parliament and Committee Reports published

Section I: Petitions

There is no information on Petitions in today's Business Bulletin.

Section J: Progress of Legislation

Progress of Bills and Subordinate Legislation

Section K: Corrections

There is no information on corrections to the Official Report in today's Business Bulletin

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