Section H: New Documents

Other Documents

The following documents were laid before the Parliament on 1 October 2013 and are not subject to Parliamentary procedure—

Crofting Commission Annual Report & Accounts 2012-13 (SG/2013/111) SG/2013/172

laid under section 26B and Schedule 1 paragraph 19 of the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 as amended by the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2007 and the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

Draft Budget 2014-2015 & spending plans 2015-2016 – Details of funding for climate change mitigation measures (SG/2013/218)

laid by a member of the Scottish Government and not under any laying power.

Committee Reports

The following report was published on 2 October 2013—

Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee, 51st report 2013 (Session 4): Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill (SP Paper 400)

For further information on accessing committee reports, see Contacts for Further Information.

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