Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-12082 Richard Simpson: WHO Recognises Scotland’s Naxolone Programme—That the Parliament notes the report, Community management of opioid overdose, by the World Health Organization (WHO), which estimates that 69,000 people die each year from opioid overdose; understands that, among people who inject drugs, opioid overdose is the second most common cause of death after HIV/AIDS; welcomes the new WHO guidelines, which were released on 4 November 2014, and its aim to reduce the number of opioid-related deaths globally; believes that the guidelines recommend that countries expand naloxone access to people likely to witness an overdose, such as friends, family members, partners of people who use drugs and social workers; welcomes that the report highlights the world-leading work undertaken in Scotland to introduce the first national naloxone programme, and commends the work of the National Forum on Drug Related Deaths, led by Dr Roy Robertson, in pioneering this work and the contribution that the programme makes to reducing the high number of overdose deaths in Scotland by ensuring that, as far as possible, Naloxone is available at the scene of every opioid overdose in the country.

*S4M-12081 Sandra White: In Memory of Professor Ailsa McKay—That the Parliament notes that, to commemorate Professor Ailsa McKay’s work, a memorial conference is to be held at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in the week beginning 12 January 2015; recognises Professor Ailsa McKay as a leading Scottish feminist economist and the founding member of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and the Women in Scotland’s Economy Research Centre (WiSE) based at GCU; considers that this conference will celebrate her contribution to feminist economics and her outstanding influence on the development of policy in Scotland and internationally based on a feminist economics perspective, and believes that Professor McKay’s work and influence in gender budgeting, childcare provision and citizens’ basic income will continue through WiSE at GCU.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Chic Brodie*, Johann Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, James Dornan*, Bill Kidd*, Graeme Dey*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, George Adam*, John Mason*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Drew Smith*, Kevin Stewart*, Patrick Harvie*, John Wilson*

*S4M-12080 Tavish Scott: Welcoming EU Approval of a UK Government Fuel Duty Rebate Scheme—That the Parliament welcomes EU Commission approval for a UK Government fuel duty rebate scheme that could reduce the cost of petrol by up to 5p per litre in 13 postcode areas across Scotland; believes that a 5p per litre discount is already available to drivers in Scotland’s island communities as a result of the work of the UK Government; considers that this discount will make a huge difference to families that have struggled with the cost of fuel; further considers that the discount will boost job creation and build a stronger economy by cutting transport costs for companies operating in more rural areas, and calls on the Scottish Government to offer a wholehearted welcome to the efforts of the UK Government to cut the cost of fuel for Scotland’s motorists.

Supported by: Murdo Fraser*, Liam McArthur*, Jim Hume*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-12079 Christina McKelvie: Euan MacDonald Centre Research on Motor Neurone Disease—That the Parliament welcomes research from the Euan MacDonald Centre, published in Nature Communications in January 2014, in which scientists, led by Dr Gareth Miles, show in their discovery of new ways of studying what happens to motor neurons affected by motor neurone disease (MND) when using stem cells derived from patients’ skin samples; understands that, according to Dr Miles, this research plays a crucial role in developing new treatments and, ultimately, finding a cure for MND; believes that stem cell technology has enabled the scientists to compare the function of motor neurons from healthy people and those who have MND; hopes that what it considers this successful research will help to find a treatment for this devastating disease, and commends this work and that of the Euan MacDonald Centre.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Angus MacDonald*, Bill Kidd*, Liam McArthur*, Chic Brodie*, Joan McAlpine*, Jackson Carlaw*, Graeme Dey*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Kevin Stewart*

*S4M-12078# James Dornan: 100 Years of Langside Library—That the Parliament congratulates Langside Library on its centenary celebrations; understands that Langside Library was the last library in Scotland built with funds from Andrew Carnegie and the first in the city to let people take their own books from the shelves instead of requesting them from the counter; notes that the library is host to the famous Maurice Greiffenhagen picture of Mary Queen of Scots at the Battle of Langside, depicting her viewing the scene of the battle from the top of the hill where the Langside monument now sits; notes that the library now has drop-in services for Citizens Advice, Macmillan Cancer, and provides bounce and rhyme sessions, storytime sessions and a weekly coffee morning, and considers the changes that Langside Library has undertaken over the last decades to become a cultural and learning hub in the community represent a particularly fine example of the changes being made to the library sector across Scotland.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Drew Smith*, Hanzala Malik*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, Joan McAlpine*, Jackson Carlaw*, Graeme Dey*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Kevin Stewart*, Stuart McMillan*

*S4M-12077 Mike MacKenzie: Orkney Port Set for Record Year—That the Parliament welcomes news that the port of Orkney is set to handle a record number of cruise ships in 2015; understands that, to date, 83 cruise calls have been scheduled for 2015, four more than in 2014; notes that, in total, these ships have the capacity to carry more than 80,000 passengers and 25,000 crew; believes that the increase in the size of ships visiting demonstrates the confidence that the industry has in Orkney’s ability to deliver a first class experience for visiting passengers; understands that Orkney will host seven maiden calls this year, including a visit from MSC Cruises’ MSC Splendida, which will have more than 3,300 passengers onboard and will visit a further four times in 2015; further understands that Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic is due to visit Kirkwall, the only UK port on its itinerary this year, while Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess, the world’s sixth largest passenger vessel, will call twice in the 2015 season and P&O Cruises’ latest newbuild, Britannia, will arrive in Orkney as part of its March 2016 maiden voyage around the British Isles; congratulates Orkney port on this success, and hopes that it is continued into the years to follow.

Supported by: Chic Brodie*, David Torrance*, Jamie McGrigor*, Joan McAlpine*, Liam McArthur*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Graeme Dey*, Angus MacDonald*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Linda Fabiani*, Kevin Stewart*, Roderick Campbell*, Mary Scanlon*, Stewart Stevenson*, Bill Kidd*, Rob Gibson*

*S4M-12076 Murdo Fraser: Murray Bakers of Perth Takes World Scotch Pie Title—That the Parliament congratulates Murray Bakers of Perth, which has recently been named winner of the 16th World Scotch Pie Championship; commends the hard work of the staff who have helped produce Scotland’s tastiest pie; understands that a record 100 butchers and bakers entered the competition, which was judged by a panel of 50 experts, including the Bay City Roller, Les McKeown; notes that the competition has been running for 16 years and aims to highlight the high quality of artisan products made by the nation’s butchers and bakers; recognises that the last winner from Perthshire was in 2004, when Sugar and Spice of Auchterarder took the title, and wishes Murray Bakers of Perth all the best for the future.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, David Torrance*, Richard Lyle*, John Lamont*, Mary Scanlon*, Anne McTaggart*, Cameron Buchanan*, Chic Brodie*, Graeme Dey*, Mike MacKenzie*, Kevin Stewart*, Bill Kidd*

*S4M-12075 Christina McKelvie: Turn2Us Campaign—That the Parliament notes with concern the figures issued by the charity, Turn2Us, during its ongoing campaign, Cut out the Cold, showing that 77% of the low-income families in Scotland struggled to pay their energy bills in 2014; understands that over half of these families cut back on food and one in six took day-to-day loans to cover the costs; further understands that over one million families are struggling in fuel poverty and that this situation can have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing, especially among children; notes that, according to Turn2Us, almost two thirds of the families do not know that help exists, and hopes that the Cut out the Cold campaign, which aims to raise awareness of financial support available to families, will be successful.

Supported by: David Torrance*, Joan McAlpine*, Neil Findlay*, Adam Ingram*, Angus MacDonald*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Lyle*, Nigel Don*, Kenneth Gibson*, John Mason*, Chic Brodie*, Linda Fabiani*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, Rob Gibson*

*S4M-12074 David Stewart: Emergency Service Staff and those Involved in the Transport Network—That the Parliament recognises the efforts of all emergency services, transport operators and their staff in dealing with an unprecedented number of weather-related incidents over the last few days; acknowledges that staff have been working long hours in difficult conditions; understands that these efforts have in the main been successful and that the majority of incidents have been dealt with in a positive manner, and thanks all those concerned for their endeavours in very difficult climatic times.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon*, Patricia Ferguson*, Hanzala Malik*, Hugh Henry*, Jamie McGrigor*, Neil Findlay*, Anne McTaggart*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, Richard Lyle*, Elaine Murray*, Nigel Don*, Joan McAlpine*, John Pentland*, John Mason*, Graeme Dey*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12073 Rhoda Grant: Congratulations to Harris Tweed Hebrides—That the Parliament congratulates Harris Tweed Hebrides on its successful collaboration with the Preston-based furniture maker, Tetrad, which has been hailed as a “flagship partnership for British manufacturing”; notes that the collaboration, which links traditional craftsmanship in different parts of the country, has been hailed by Tetrad as having been transformational for its company and accounted for a 30% increase in business in 2014; understands that the new range Harris Tweed furniture described as “mid-century modern” is being exported to more than 50 overseas markets and has become Tetrad’s biggest seller both at home and abroad, and congratulates both companies on the success of this partnership, which further promotes the iconic Harris Tweed in the global marketplace.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik*, David Stewart*, Angus MacDonald*, Jamie McGrigor*, David Torrance*, Hugh Henry*, Neil Findlay*, Anne McTaggart*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Richard Lyle*, Roderick Campbell*, Joan McAlpine*, Chic Brodie*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12072♦ Jim Eadie: 75th Anniversary of Citizens Advice Edinburgh—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at Citizens Advice Edinburgh (CAE) on the charity’s 75th anniversary, which was marked by a reception on 15 January 2015 that was attended by the Princess Royal; understands that CAE is one of the UK’s oldest citizens advice bureaux; notes that it was established in 1939 at the outbreak of the war in order to advise residents about allowances, evacuation and pensions and to help trace soldiers lost in battle or captured as prisoners; recognises that it currently employs over 260 volunteers and paid project staff; notes that they work from 28 locations across Edinburgh and provide advice on a number of issues, including debt, employment, disability, healthcare, housing, money advice, mediation and welfare; welcomes the development of CAE and understands that, over the last year alone, it has dealt with over 27,000 enquiries; expresses its gratitude to all of the paid and voluntary staff who have been active at CAE throughout the years, and wishes the bureau the very best in all its future endeavours.

Supported by: Cara Hilton*, David Torrance*, Anne McTaggart*, Chic Brodie*, Kenneth Gibson*, Joan McAlpine*, Graeme Dey*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Bill Kidd*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*

*S4M-12071 Anne McTaggart: Congratulations to Burrell Exhibition at Bonhams, London—That the Parliament congratulates the Burrell Exhibition at Bonhams in London on an estimated 15,000 visitors to view treasures from the famous Scottish collection; notes that the visitors viewed masterpieces by Rembrandt, Cézanne and Degas among a selection of more than 50 treasures from the world-famous Burrell Collection; believes that this was the first time in almost 40 years that items of the collection have been exhibited in London and that the show heralds an international tour in 2017, when the museum closes for an ambitious refurbishment; understands that the extraordinary collection includes more than 9,000 paintings and objects donated by Sir William Burrell to the people of Glasgow; believes that it is important to proclaim the wonderful story of Sir William’s lifelong passion and expertise, and wishes the exhibition every success in the future.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Hanzala Malik*, Drew Smith*, David Torrance*, Patricia Ferguson*, Liam McArthur*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, David Stewart*, Elaine Murray*, Margaret Mitchell*, Jackson Carlaw*, Claire Baker*, Kevin Stewart*, Angus MacDonald*, Nigel Don*, Richard Lyle*, Claudia Beamish*

*S4M-12070 Jim Hume: Thanks to Scotland’s NHS Staff—That the Parliament acknowledges and applauds the dedication and commitment of the thousands of NHS staff, including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and support staff, across Scotland who have worked under extremely challenging pressures over recent weeks; understands that NHS staff working in the community and in all hospital departments are dealing with the repercussions of high demand with rescheduled appointments and surgery and with many staff working additional hours; considers that recent pressures come on top of ongoing pressure as the NHS and social care systems struggle to meet demand in any case; believes that NHS boards must put in place plans to support staff who are undoubtedly more likely to experience stress and ill-health as a result of the pressures that they are working under, and believes that the public and patients are grateful for the commitment of NHS staff to delivering high quality care, whatever the circumstances.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik*, Alison McInnes*, Nanette Milne*, Liam McArthur*, Anne McTaggart*, John Pentland*, Alex Rowley*, John Mason*

*S4M-12069 Stewart Stevenson: The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival—That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival on the work that it does in the north east in organising what it considers a very successful annual festival in Portsoy and in promoting the art of traditional boat building; recognises that it is hosting an exhibition in the Parliament from 12 to 16 January 2015 to inform MSPs and staff of what it has achieved and is achieving in the north east, including a project to recreate and record the construction of a traditional 26ft wooden salmon coble to highlight Scotland’s former commercial salmon fishing industry; understands that the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival is contributing to the great heritage of the north east, and wishes it all the best for the future.

Supported by: Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Chic Brodie, Angus MacDonald*, Bill Kidd*, Michael Russell*, Jamie McGrigor*, John Mason*, Colin Beattie*, Roderick Campbell*, Christian Allard*, Alison McInnes*, Nigel Don*, Hanzala Malik*, Kenneth Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, Colin Keir*, David Torrance*, Kevin Stewart*, Mary Scanlon*, Anne McTaggart*, Margaret McCulloch*, Liam McArthur*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Adam Ingram*, Christine Grahame*, Rob Gibson*, Graeme Dey*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-12068 Scottish Youth Parliament ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Bill Kidd*, Colin Beattie*, Liam McArthur*, Nigel Don*, Tavish Scott*, Dennis Robertson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Linda Fabiani*, James Dornan*

S4M-12067 Congratulations to Aberdeen Sports Village ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*

S4M-12066 Congratulating The Usual Place ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Chic Brodie*, Kenneth Gibson*, Nigel Don*, Bill Kidd*, Colin Keir*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Adam Ingram*, Elaine Murray*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Lyle*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12065 Inksters Innovative Tweets ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Richard Lyle*

S4M-12064 Welcoming Bucksburn Academy’s Tobacco Policy ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Colin Beattie*, Nanette Milne*, Nigel Don*, Dennis Robertson*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*

S4M-12063 Get on Your Bike for the Children of Gaza ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Colin Beattie*, Bill Kidd*, Jean Urquhart*, Drew Smith*, Dennis Robertson*, Linda Fabiani*, James Dornan*

S4M-12062 Reappointment of a Member of the Standards Commission for Scotland ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Linda Fabiani*

S4M-12061 Congratulating the Connect Project ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Colin Beattie*, Bill Kidd*, Richard Lyle*

S4M-12059 Devolution of Mineral Access Rights and Fracking ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Mark Griffin*

S4M-12058 Congratulating SSE Hydro ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Bob Doris*, James Dornan*

S4M-12056 National STI Day ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12054 Investment in Carers ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Colin Beattie*, Dennis Robertson*, Richard Simpson*, Richard Lyle*, Cara Hilton*, Bob Doris*, James Dornan*, John Pentland*

S4M-12044 Congratulations Home Start Orkney ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12043 Recognising the Efforts of Scottish Hydro and SSE Staff ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12042 Congratulating David Martin ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12041 Power Restoration in the Highlands and Islands ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12039 Funding Success for Rape Crisis Centre ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12038 The National Autistic Society Secures Major Investment ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12037 Congratulations to Glasgow Airport ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Linda Fabiani*

S4M-12036 Metal Theft is not Victimless ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12033 Congratulations to the First Step Group ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*, James Dornan*

S4M-12032 2014 Arms Control Person of the Year ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Jean Urquhart*, Bob Doris*, Linda Fabiani*

S4M-12031 Congratulations to Sandy Firth on his BEM ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12030 Congratulations to Bryce Wilson MBE ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12029 Inch Community Centre Receives Funding for Children’s Wing (lodged on 12 January 2015) David Torrance*, Joan McAlpine*, Adam Ingram*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, Rob Gibson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Lyle*

S4M-12028 Funding for Media Project at HMP and YOI Grampian in Peterhead (lodged on 09 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12025 Barnardo’s Scotland partners with the Big Burns Supper ­(lodged on 09 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12024 Duthie Park Welcomes Record Visitor Numbers ­(lodged on 09 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-12022 Mapping Mar Orienteering Club’s Success ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12021 Mary Tulloch Honoured with an MBE ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12020 Freedom of Speech ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-12019 MoD Secretly Lifts Ban on Nuclear Submarines in Scotland’s Lochs ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12016 Fund Scotland through Young Start ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12015 Horrific Attacks in Paris ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) James Dornan*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12010 ICSEI Conference Comes to Scotland in 2016 ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-12008 Redundancy of Skytrac Staff in Edinburgh ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-12006 Je suis Charlie ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-12005 East Kilbride’s Calderglen High School, Working for its Community ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) James Dornan*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12004 Voluntary Action Scotland, Supporting a Stronger Third Sector (lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12003 Supporting PCS’s Campaign against UK Government Meddling (lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12002 Congratulations to the Lerwick Brewery on its UK-wide Distribution Deal ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-12001 Investors in Young People Accreditation for Axis Well Technology (lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12000 Levenmouth Community Energy Project ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-11998 Congratulations to Kirkland High School ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*

S4M-11997 Walter Anderson, Burntisland Community Award Winner 2015 (lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11995 Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, James Dornan*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11994 Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11992 Partick Thistle Top the Table Helping Homeless ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11991 Combating Food Need in Milton ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-11990 Moray Firth Radio, Your Music, Your Life ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11989 Disabled Access Day ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11988 Disabled Access Day ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11987 Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Scammers ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11979 Eyemouth-born Gary Anderson is the 2015 PDC World Darts Champion ­(lodged on 05 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11978 £3,550 Gift to Angus District Nursing Service ­(lodged on 05 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11977 The Flying Scotsman is the 2015 World Darts Champion ­(lodged on 05 January 2015) Bob Doris*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-11971 The Puppy Smuggling Scandal ­(lodged on 23 December 2014) Bob Doris*

S4M-11970 Another Glasgow Tragedy ­(lodged on 23 December 2014) Gil Paterson*

S4M-11969 Bank of Scotland Foundation Awards ­(lodged on 22 December 2014) Bob Doris*

S4M-11967 Awards for Whitecraig Community Centre ­(lodged on 22 December 2014) Bob Doris*

S4M-11599.1 Jeannie Felsinger ­(lodged on 02 December 2014) Neil Findlay*, James Kelly*, Hanzala Malik*, Jackie Baillie*

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