Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-12151 Graeme Dey: Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild—That the Parliament congratulates the Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild on raising over £4,500 to provide personal locator beacons for the Arbroath RNLI crew; notes that these devices produce a signal if activated by a person who has fallen overboard, providing more protection for the lifeboat crews when they are out at sea, and welcomes what it sees as the outstanding fundraising work that the guild carries out on a regular basis and the generosity of the people of Arbroath in supporting the brave people who volunteer with the RNLI.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*

*S4M-12150 Kevin Stewart: Delivery Charges—That the Parliament believes that it is outrageous that some firms fleece members of the public by charging excessively high delivery charges due to claims of remoteness, especially when areas such as Aberdeen are easily accessible; believes that they should carefully assess their delivery charges and ensure that these only cover the actual cost of delivery; further believes that there should be no hidden charges imposed on consumers in order to increase company profits; calls on all firms to treat Aberdeen and the north and north east of the country with respect, and condemns companies, such as Yeomans Outdoors Leisure, which, it understands, zone Aberdeen as being in the Highlands when determining delivery charge prices.

*S4M-12149 John Mason: Creationism and Evolution—That the Parliament notes that South Lanarkshire Council has issued guidance concerning the appointment and input of chaplains and religious organisations in schools; understands that some people believe that God created the world in six days, some people believe that God created the world over a longer period of time and some people believe that the world came about without anyone creating it; considers that none of these positions can be proved or disproved by science and all are valid beliefs for people to hold, and further considers that children in Scotland’s schools should be aware of all of these different belief systems.

*S4M-12148 Stewart Maxwell: Crackdown against Creationism—That the Parliament congratulates South Lanarkshire Council on taking decisive action to prevent the teaching of creationism in schools by introducing new guidance; condemns any promotion of creationism in publicly funded schools, including the reported distribution of creationist books at Kirktonholme Primary School; believes that creationism should not be presented as a scientific theory and viable alternative to the established theory of evolution, and supports the Society of Biology and the Scottish Secular Society position in opposing the teaching of creationism in the classroom.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Christine Grahame*, Kenneth Gibson*, Patrick Harvie*, Rob Gibson*

*S4M-12147 Bruce Crawford: Clean Up Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates Clean Up Scotland, part of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s long-term solution to littering, by leading activities to tackle carelessness and illegal litter-related behaviour with the aim of identifying littering as socially unacceptable as drink driving; understands that the Clean Up Scotland campaign stemmed from the overwhelming success of the 2012 National Spring Clean, in which volunteers, during an eight-week period, collected enough litter to fill 100,000 wheelie bins or cover Hampden Park in black bags three feet deep, and considers that this success has been continued throughout the first phase of the Clean Up Scotland campaign, with half a million acts of cleaning up litter in Scotland, an outstanding achievement and an essential component in keeping Scotland beautiful.

*S4M-12146 Jenny Marra: The Need for Changing Places Toilets at Glasgow’s Hydro and SECC—That the Parliament recognises what it sees as the success of both the Hydro and SECC in Glasgow in catering to accessible tourism needs; notes however that both these major venues lack a Changing Places toilet; believes that this means that people with complex disabilities, and their families, are limited greatly in being able to access them; considers that accessible tourism needs overall are greatly limited by a lack of such facilities and that not having a Changing Places toilet can leave a carer with no option but to use the floor of an accessible facility in order to change the person for whom they are caring; commends the PAMIS campaign, Changing Places, which aims to tackle this issue by bringing Changing Place toilets to as many venues as possible across the country, and calls on both the Hydro and SECC to provide these important facilities in order to support disabled people’s needs and allow them and their families to enjoy the venues.

Supported by: Iain Gray*, Hanzala Malik*, Liam McArthur*

*S4M-12145 Christine Grahame: Penicuik Jambos Pick up Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Jenny More and Leah Boak, both aged 17, on picking up player of the year awards for the Heart of Midlothian girls’ football team; commends the two Beeslack Community High School pupils, who have been with the club since it was launched five years ago; recognises that they were awarded the under-17 player of the year and players’ player of the year development awards respectively by the chair of Hearts, Ann Budge; notes that the defender, Jenny, and midfielder, Leah, also received certificates for being part of the club since they started playing at under-13 level; wishes them luck for the future, and applauds their hard work and dedication to their sport.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Joan McAlpine*, David Torrance*, Chic Brodie*, Graeme Dey*, Colin Beattie*

*S4M-12144 Neil Findlay: British Red Cross Report on Social Mobility Needs—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of the British Red Cross (BRC) report, Making a move: Increasing choice and independence for people with short-term mobility needs, which explores the difference that a short-term mobility aid can make to a person’s life; understands that there is no statutory duty for either the NHS or local authorities to meet people’s short-term mobility needs but that, in 2014, the BRC provided over 7,000 wheelchairs to people across Scotland; further understands that the participants in the BRC research overwhelmingly stated that, without having a mobility aid, they would have been unable to leave their home; believes that a short-term mobility aid can make a significant difference to a person’s health and wellbeing, and supports the recommendations in the report to establish a statutory duty to meet short-term mobility needs.

*S4M-12143 Annabel Goldie: Bishopton Parish Church Historic Bicentenary—That the Parliament notes that Bishopton Parish Church in Renfrewshire will celebrate 200 years of worship in the parish church building on Ferry Road, Bishopton, on 12 May 2015, acknowledges that, during these 200 years, the parish and local community have undergone and witnessed many significant changes and considers that, through these two centuries, the church has proved to be an enduring presence of faith and worship, providing fellowship, hope and support to the local community; pays tribute to all those, past and present, who have provided spiritual leadership, pastoral care and stewardship of the church’s affairs and activities in Bishopton; further notes what it sees as the positive and mutually enjoyable relationship that has been developed with Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic church in Bishopton, resulting in a number of shared services and activities throughout the year, which has greatly enriched the wider community; congratulates Bishopton Parish Church on the historic bicentenary of its building, and wishes all those who worship at the church and their friends in Our Lady of Lourdes well in their endeavours to provide a continued presence of faith and worship in Bishopton in the future.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor*, John Lamont*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Cameron Buchanan*, Murdo Fraser*, Bill Kidd*, Roderick Campbell*, Jackie Baillie*, David Torrance*, Neil Bibby*, Mary Scanlon*, Stuart McMillan*, John Pentland*, Colin Beattie*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S4M-12142 Paul Martin: Congratulations to YoMo (Glasgow)—That the Parliament congratulates YoMo (Glasgow) on receiving a £7,700 grant from Awards for All Scotland; understands that the project provides services to empower young people in the east of Glasgow by promoting active citizenship, volunteering and learning; further understands that the grant will allow the project to recruit 50 additional Youth Grant Makers to run the Youth Bank, and wishes the project continued success in supporting young people while improving the local community.

Supported by: Drew Smith*, Bill Kidd*, Hanzala Malik*, Claudia Beamish*, David Torrance*, Patricia Ferguson*, Margaret McCulloch*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12141 Murdo Fraser: Pitlochry Hotels Named among Best in UK and Europe—That the Parliament congratulates the proprietors and staff at three Pitlochry hotels that have been named among the best in the UK and Europe; Pitlochry’s Fonab Castle Hotel took third place in the UK luxury category and 11th in Europe and also came in 11th in the UK small hotels category as well as being ranked seventh and 22nd for romance in the UK and Europe respectively; notes that Knockendarroch House Hotel took 11th place in the UK romance list and also boasts the title of 11th best small hotel in the UK and 22nd for best service; notes that Atholl Villa came ninth in the UK and 15th in Europe for service and ranked sixth and 22nd in the UK and Europe small hotels category; considers that Pitlochry is becoming a hub of fantastic hotels, as Atholl Palace Hotel was recently named as one of the must-stay hotels before you die; understands that all four hotels offer a variety of breaks for people of all ages and interests; congratulates the staff on making the hotels what it considers great places to stay, and hopes that these accolades will bring greater recognition and more tourists to the Highland Perthshire area.

Supported by: John Lamont, Liz Smith, Jamie McGrigor, Nanette Milne, Jackson Carlaw, Kenneth Gibson, Graeme Dey, Bill Kidd, Margaret Mitchell*, Jean Urquhart*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Alex Johnstone*, Jayne Baxter*, David Torrance*, Annabel Goldie*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12140 Christina McKelvie: Motor Neurone Disease Scotland—That the Parliament thanks Orion Group for its £50,000 donation to Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Scotland; understands that the relationship between MND Scotland and Orion Group began when Alain Savage, chairman of the latter, met Lucy Lintott and Gordon Aikman in 2014, both of whom have motor neurone disease; notes that this donation aims to help the next wave of research into finding a cure for MND, which affects thousands of people across the UK; further notes that Gordon Aikman welcomes “This incredibly generous donation [which] offers real hope for the future. It is simple: the more we invest, the quicker we will find a cure”, and hopes that the fundraising campaign supported by Lucy Lintott will continue to be successful and will increase MND research funding.

Supported by: Roderick Campbell, Joan McAlpine, Mary Scanlon, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Kenneth Gibson, Murdo Fraser, Bill Kidd, Hugh Henry, Chic Brodie, Richard Baker, Nigel Don, George Adam*, Dave Thompson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Rob Gibson*, James Dornan*, David Torrance*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12139 Richard Lyle: Penrose Inquiry Final Report—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement by the Scottish Public Inquiry into Hepatitis C/HIV acquired infection from NHS treatment in Scotland with blood and blood products (Penrose Inquiry) that it will publish its final report on 25 March 2015; notes the commitment by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing on 3 March 2011 that there would be "a further review of Stage 1 payments from the Skipton Fund and the implementation of the new measures announced today will be reviewed when the final report (and any recommendations) of the Penrose Inquiry, are considered", and further notes the desire of Haemophilia Scotland that the Scottish Government debate the findings of the Penrose Inquiry as soon as possible after the publication of the report.

Supported by: Christine Grahame*, Rhoda Grant*, Tavish Scott*, John Mason*, David Torrance*, Dave Thompson*, Rob Gibson*, Neil Findlay*, Kenneth Gibson*, Colin Beattie*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Duncan McNeil*

S4M-12138 Bob Doris: Blantyre Youth Development Team—That the Parliament congratulates the Blantyre Youth Development Team on its £7,956 grant; notes that this money will contribute to the salary of a volunteer development worker who will recruit, support and develop volunteers who train and help unemployed youth; acknowledges that this grant was made possible by the Coalfields Community Investment Programme as part of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust; recognises the programme’s efforts to work and invest in projects that improve the lives of people living in coalfield communities; calls attention to the trust’s mission to support people back into work, invest in skills, tackle health inequalities and create opportunities by developing community infrastructure, and wishes Blantyre Youth Development success in its mission to reduce antisocial behaviour issues in young people by helping them find and be trained for employment.

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Chic Brodie, Adam Ingram, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Christina McKelvie, Bill Kidd, Roderick Campbell, Hanzala Malik*, Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, David Torrance*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12137 Graeme Dey: World Scotch Pie Championships—That the Parliament congratulates James Pirie and Son of Newtyle and The Keptie Bakery in Letham on winning awards at the 2015 World Scotch Pie Championships, especially as this comes on the back of the success that both companies had in the 2014 competition; notes that James Pirie and Son was given the gold prize for its creamy chicken, leek and mushroom savoury and bronze for its steak and gravy with haggis savoury; recognises that The Keptie Bakery was awarded the bronze for its scotch pie; notes that a record 567 products were entered into the championships this year, and believes that 2015 being Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink provides an opportunity to celebrate all of the high quality produce that is made in the Angus South parliamentary constituency.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Chic Brodie, Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Nigel Don, Jean Urquhart*, Kevin Stewart*, James Dornan*, David Torrance*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12136# Linda Fabiani: Marie Curie’s 2015 Great Daffodil Appeal—That the Parliament welcomes Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal, which runs throughout March 2015; applauds what it considers the substantial contribution that this makes toward the over £4 million raised in Scotland every year by Marie Curie to support its services across Scotland; understands that the charity supports over 7,000 terminally ill people in Scotland to get free care at home with the help of Marie Curie nurses or in the community in their Glasgow or Edinburgh hospices; recognises the vital role that volunteers play in supporting the work of the charity; acknowledges the launch of the charity’s new five-year strategy, which will see Marie Curie increase the number of people it supports in Scotland, and welcomes its vision of a better life for people with a terminal illness and their families.

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Michael McMahon, Chic Brodie, Alison McInnes, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Mary Scanlon, Kenneth Gibson, Graeme Dey, Adam Ingram, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Liam McArthur, Anne McTaggart, Hugh Henry, Christina McKelvie, John Mason, Bill Kidd, Roderick Campbell, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Jean Urquhart*, Dave Thompson*, Richard Simpson*, Rob Gibson*, Patricia Ferguson*, James Dornan*, Cameron Buchanan*, David Torrance*, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12135 Hugh Henry: Increasing Bus Fares Cause for Concern—That the Parliament notes with concern the announcement by McGill’s Buses that bus fares are being increased at a time when oil prices are tumbling; regrets the increase of 5.6% in the price of some day tickets, and believes that the Scottish Government should act to protect the interests of fare-paying passengers as well as concessionary travel card users.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Paul Martin, David Stewart, James Kelly, Jackie Baillie, Margaret McDougall, Iain Gray, Hanzala Malik, John Pentland, Claudia Beamish, Patricia Ferguson, Anne McTaggart, Jayne Baxter, Neil Findlay, Richard Simpson, Elaine Murray*

S4M-12133 Jackson Carlaw: North Ayrshire Council Apprentices Make National Final—That the Parliament congratulates Jamie Acheson, an apprentice plasterer, and Dylan Shankland, a shadow contract performance supervisor, on being selected as finalists in the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Scotland Building and Housing Apprentice Awards; understands that both were shortlisted after impressing judges with their dedication to their work; notes that, in total, 22 apprentices from across Scotland have been selected for the final, which will be held on 12 February 2015 at the Dublane Hydro, and wishes the apprentices every success in the awards and as their careers progress.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, Roderick Campbell, Cameron Buchanan, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Colin Beattie, Murdo Fraser, Bill Kidd, Margaret McDougall, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Annabel Goldie*

S4M-12132 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to North East Scotland Students—That the Parliament congratulates three teams of young people from North East Scotland College, One Stop Swap Shop, Deals on Wheels and Project SEARCH’n’Save, on their £500 grant to run innovative projects focused on improving money management in the Aberdeen community; recognises that the award comes from the Money for Life Challenge run by Lloyds Banking Group in partnership with Young Scot, the national youth information and citizenship agency for Scotland, and notes that the Money for Life Challenge is a UK-wide competition, now in its fourth year, that helps young people in further education, training and community organisations acquire new skills while helping develop the money management capability of their community.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Nanette Milne, Joan McAlpine, Roderick Campbell, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan

S4M-12131 Dennis Robertson: Awards for All Scotland Funding for Aberdeenshire West—That the Parliament congratulates Monymusk Primary School and Milne Hall Management Committee on their combined £12,000 of funding from Awards for All Scotland; understands that Awards for All Scotland provides grants to organisations for projects that will benefit local communities and people in need; notes that Monymusk Primary School’s funding is allocated to developing an outdoor playground, installing a weather station, purchasing musical instruments and building a trail for the pupils; understands that Milne Hall Management Committee’s funding will be used to repair the floor of Milne Hall, a community building used by many local organisations, and welcomes what it considers the enrichment and opportunities that these developments will bring to both communities.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine, Adam Ingram, Chic Brodie, Graeme Dey, Rob Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Nanette Milne, Nigel Don, Roderick Campbell, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, James Dornan*

S4M-12130 Neil Findlay: Fauldhouse History Group—That the Parliament congratulates the Fauldhouse History Group on its project and display that highlighted the experiences of the people of the village during the First World War; notes that the research for the project was carried out by a group of local volunteers; understands that it listed the names of the more than 500 men who served during the war and paid tribute to the 120 who were killed while serving the country, and looks forward to the group’s future projects and what it believes will be its continued success.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Patricia Ferguson, Jackie Baillie, David Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Cara Hilton, Drew Smith, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, Kenneth Gibson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12129 Bob Doris: Maryhill Integration Network—That the Parliament commends the Maryhill Integration Network (mIN) on its community building and bonding efforts; welcomes mIN’s educational, cultural, and social projects that aim to enrich communities across north Glasgow; understands that, among the many quality activities it organises are English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes, a women’s group, a creative writing group, parent and toddler music classes, outreach work in schools, music, dance and theatre production; draws attention to mIN’s Children’s New Year Party 2015, which will be held on 23 January, and wishes it every success with this and its other future endeavours.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Patricia Ferguson, Jackie Baillie, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Drew Smith, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Christina McKelvie, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Roderick Campbell, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle, James Dornan*

S4M-12128 Bob Doris: West of Scotland Tartan Army—That the Parliament thanks the West of Scotland Tartan Army (WESTA) for its £300 donation to North Kelvin Utd, part of the North Glasgow Football Development Group (NGFDG); recognises the efforts of the NGFDG to bring together young people from all backgrounds and ethnicity in the Maryhill area who love football; notes that this donation will enable North Kelvin Utd to pay for its under-11s football kit for the year ahead; wishes North Kelvin Utd a great season, and sincerely thanks WESTA for its contribution, helping young people in Maryhill to be physically active and play football.

Supported by: Liz Smith, Hanzala Malik, Joan McAlpine, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Christian Allard, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Roderick Campbell, George Adam, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, James Dornan*

S4M-12127 Colin Beattie: Queen Margaret University Moves up the Rankings—That the Parliament congratulates Queen Margaret University on moving up 49 places in the Times Higher Education’s Research Excellence Framework 2014 rankings compared with the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), with the publication singling out the university as a "notable riser" in the rankings; notes particularly its success in speech and language sciences, where it is now placed second in the UK and first in Scotland for the proportion of its research being classed as internationally excellent or world leading, and considers that this success reflects the significance and value of Scotland’s post-92 university sector in delivering research excellence, particularly in sustaining policy and practice-informing research that makes an impact globally.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Christian Allard, Iain Gray, Nigel Don, Kenneth Gibson, Graeme Dey, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Chic Brodie, Michael Russell, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Angus MacDonald, Neil Findlay, Richard Simpson, Mike MacKenzie, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle

S4M-12126 Graeme Dey: Retirement of Sandy Watson, Chairman of NHS Tayside—That the Parliament recognises the work of Sandy Watson, the chairman of NHS Tayside, who has recently announced his intention to retire at the end of May 2015; believes that Mr Watson has dedicated his career of 48 years to public service, working firstly as a teacher and subsequently as the Director of Education at Tayside Regional Council and then Chief Executive of both Tayside Regional Council and Angus Council before being appointed a member of NHS Tayside’s board in 2005 and then taking on his current post in 2007; is of the view that Mr Watson has made a huge contribution to NHS Tayside during his near decade serving on the board, and wishes him well for his retirement.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Hugh Henry, Joan McAlpine, Chic Brodie, Richard Simpson, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Murdo Fraser, Michael Russell, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Roderick Campbell, Jamie McGrigor, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12125 Tavish Scott: Congratulations to Frankie’s Fish & Chips, the Best in the UK—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at Frankie’s Fish & Chips, which is in Brae, Shetland, on winning both the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year and the Good Catch Award for Sustainability at the 2015 National Fish and Chips Awards in London, at which it was named the best fish and chip shop in the UK; considers this a prestigious event and notes that the shop’s manager, John Gold, owner, Valerie Johnson, and shift manager, Carlyn Kearney, were presented with the awards at a ceremony that was hosted by the BBC food and drink presenter, Nigel Barden; further notes that these awards are the latest addition to the many that it has received in recent years, including being voted the best fish and chip shop in Scotland for the past two years running and finishing second overall in the UK in 2014; believes that this is recognition of the very high standard of service at Frankie’s and the consistently high quality of its seafood produce; notes that this produce has been accredited as sustainably caught or harvested by the Marine Stewardship Council; believes that this is a tremendous achievement, which demonstrates that Shetland has some of the finest seafood in the world; congratulates all of the staff on the effort and hard work needed for Frankie’s to be recognised as the best in the country, and believes that Shetland can be proud of them.

Supported by: Hugh Henry, Margaret Mitchell, Jim Hume, Jamie McGrigor, Mary Scanlon, Nanette Milne, John Finnie, Liz Smith, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12124 Kenneth Gibson: Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show—That the Parliament acknowledges the premiere of the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS), which will take place at the university’s Hunter Halls on 21 February 2015 with tickets priced from £25 to £40; applauds the efforts of the organisers to raise £30,000 for the Beatson Pebble Appeal, which is a charity that aims to improve the lives of thousands of people living with cancer through treatment and support; thanks the sponsors, which include Morgan Stanley, Tennents, Jaguar and Red Bull, on their efforts to assist the GUCFS by committing time and funding, and wishes the students success with the show.

Supported by: Patricia Ferguson, Joan McAlpine, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Hanzala Malik, Nigel Don, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle, Jean Urquhart*

S4M-12123 Kevin Stewart: 800th Anniversary of the Burgesses of Guild of Aberdeen—That the Parliament congratulates the Burgesses of Guild of Aberdeen on the 800th anniversary of the charter granted to the Burgesses of Aberdeen by King Alexander II; understands that, although the earliest records refer to the burgesses in the 12th century, it is the Alexander II charter that conferred further powers on the burgesses to form a guild; further understands that, from the time of the charter, Aberdeen’s Burgesses of Guild have remained an integral part of the council in Aberdeen, upholding the town’s laws and customs and have even been called on to defend the Royal Burgh; recognises that, in the 15th century, Burgess Robert Davidson was an active member of council and well-connected socially and, though he was a known rogue and in all probability involved in the piracy of the cargo of the Thomas from Dick Whittington, he is primarily known for his actions in raising an army including burgesses to face the invading forces of Donald, Lord of the Isles, on the field of “Red Harlaw” in July 1411 and, although Aberdeen’s forces prevailed, Provost Davidson died defending his town; further notes that, when the city came under attack again in the 16th century, prior to the elections of 1525, Aberdeen’s council resolved that none of the prominent gentry of the countryside were to hold any influence over the course of the ballot and that, on the night before the election, the town was attacked by 80 armed men led by Alexander Seton of Meldrum, John Leslie of Wardis, William Leslie of Balquhain, their servants and families, all connected by blood or marriage to Provost Collison; believes that the attackers were determined but were eventually forced into retreat after having inflicted heavy casualties on the Burgess Guild brethren in the town and, as punishment, Collison’s tacks of lands and fishings were not extended and the blame for “murther, slauchter, mutilatoun, and hurting” was laid at his feet; acknowledges that, during the Jacobite campaign of 1745-46, Aberdeen was occupied by Sir John Cope’s government troops and, after they left the city, taking all the arms and munitions, a rebel council was elected and started to raise support for the Jacobites until February 1746, when the Duke of Cumberland marched into the city and ousted the rebel council; notes that Burgess Guild records in the charter room of Aberdeen Town House show Cumberland’s appointment as a burgess and, on the opposite page, those Jacobites who were made burgesses are deleted; recognises that what it considers the illustrious history of the Burgesses of Guild of Aberdeen will be honoured at a dinner marking the 800th anniversary of the Alexander II Royal Charter on 27 February 2015, and wishes the burgesses all the best for the centuries to come. R

Supported by: Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine*, Murdo Fraser*, Bill Kidd*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Roderick Campbell*, Chic Brodie*, David Torrance*, Graeme Dey*, Kenneth Gibson*, Colin Beattie*, Rob Gibson*

S4M-12122 Jackie Baillie: Helensburgh and Lomond Residents Recognised in New Year’s Honours List—That the Parliament congratulates the Helensburgh and Lomond residents, Tammie Graham and Dr David Troup, on being recognised in the New Year’s Honours List 2015; notes that Tammie Graham, a family support worker and administrator for the Ministry of Defence, was appointed an MBE for her services to Royal Marines’ personnel and their families; understands that Tammie, from Rhu, provided round-the-clock support to 45 Commando Royal Marines in Arbroath from 2007 to 2014 and helped their families deal with a number of issues, including housing and healthcare, while they were on duty in Afghanistan; further notes that Dr David Troup, a GP at Arrochar Surgery, was appointed an MBE for services to health care in Argyll and Bute; acknowledges that members of staff joined 12 patients in nominating Dr Troup for the award in recognition of his 32 years of service to his patients in Arrochar, Tarbet and Succoth; sends its best wishes to both Tammie Graham and Dr Troup, and wishes them every success for the future.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Jamie McGrigor, Patricia Ferguson, Bill Kidd, David Stewart, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Anne McTaggart, Colin Beattie, David Torrance

S4M-12121 Mark McDonald: Launch of the Aaron Williams Football Tournament—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of the annual Aaron Williams Football Tournament at Pittodrie Stadium; understands that the event, which is now in its third year, is being organised in memory of Aaron Williams, who died from melanoma skin cancer in 2011; notes that all funds raised from the event are to be donated to Friends of Anchor and Cash for Kids; further understands that Police Scotland Youth Volunteers, tournament ambassador, Joey Harper, and sponsors including Evolve, Northsound Radio and AFC Community Trust were involved in the launch; further notes that the tournament will run from 6 to 25 July 2015 and will be open to all age groups; believes that support from officers in community policing teams across Aberdeen city and shire will allow the event to provide diversionary activities for young people during the summer, and hopes that the event is a success and allows everyone who is interested the opportunity to play football while raising money for charity.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Nanette Milne, Roderick Campbell, Bill Kidd, Nigel Don, Hanzala Malik, Angus MacDonald, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Mike MacKenzie, Gordon MacDonald, Richard Lyle, Rob Gibson, Graeme Dey, George Adam, Joan McAlpine, Gil Paterson, Christian Allard, Chic Brodie, Adam Ingram, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Kevin Stewart

S4M-12119 Patricia Ferguson: John Paul Academy’s Public Speakers—That the Parliament commends everyone at John Paul Academy in Summerston on its team’s strong showing in the 2015 Glasgow Schools Public Speaking Competition; understands that the team was one of the four finalists, alongside Kings Park Secondary, Rosshall Academy and the eventual victors, Shawlands Academy; notes that Shawlands Academy will now go to the West of Scotland Final; understands that the competition, which is organised by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and has been running annually since 2012, aims to encourage public speaking in schools that have not traditionally competed in such competitions, and believes that this strong showing by John Paul Academy bodes well for future competitions.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Drew Smith, Stuart McMillan, Anne McTaggart, Jackie Baillie, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle

S4M-12118 Patricia Ferguson: Elmvale Primary’s Sensory Garden—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at Elmvale Primary in the Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn constituency on it being awarded funding toward the cost of building a sensory garden in the grounds of the school; understands that the £500 grant, which was presented by Scotmid Co-operative West Regional Committee, will allow the school to expand on its outdoor learning activities for pupils and provide green space in support of its bid for a third Eco School Green Flag, and wishes the pupils and staff all the best for both the design stage and successful completion of the project.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik, Margaret McCulloch, Jackie Baillie, Drew Smith, David Stewart, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12117 Kevin Stewart: Aberdeen City Council Should Rethink the Marischal Square Development—That the Parliament welcomes the production by Aberdeen-based Pinnacle Visualisation of 3D-images of the proposed Marischal Square development in Aberdeen city centre; believes that these images have been revelatory and have helped enlighten Aberdonians of the impact that this development will have on the city and in particular the category A-listed Marischal College and Provost Skene’s House; believes, that following the publication of the images, the reaction of the public has been overwhelmingly opposed to the scheme, and calls on Aberdeen City Council in its role as development partner to reconsider the development as a matter of urgency.

Supported by: Jean Urquhart, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Hanzala Malik, Christian Allard, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Mike MacKenzie, Gordon MacDonald, Rob Gibson, Graeme Dey, Joan McAlpine, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12116 Mike MacKenzie: Frankie’s Fish & Chips Nets Good Catch Award—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at Frankie’s Fish & Chips, which is in Brae, Shetland, on winning the Good Catch Award at 2015 National Fish and Chips Awards, which were held in London; understands that this is a sustainable seafood award that rewards knowledge and the promotion of responsible sourcing and sustainability practices; believes that this is recognition of the impeccable sourcing of sustainable seafood at Frankie’s and the consistently high quality of its produce; understands that, since it opened in 2008, everyone at the shop has been dedicated to meeting the highest standards of hygiene, food quality and customer care; recognises the skill, effort and hard work of all of the staff at Frankie’s in delivering what it considers an excellent eatery of which the community can be proud, and wishes the owner, Valerie Johnson, the manager, John Gold, and the staff continued success.

Supported by: John Wilson, Bill Kidd, Gordon MacDonald, Jean Urquhart, Roderick Campbell, Hanzala Malik, Angus MacDonald, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Rob Gibson, John Pentland, Joan McAlpine, Jamie McGrigor, Chic Brodie, John Finnie, Adam Ingram, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart

S4M-12115 John Lamont: Good Luck to the Scotland Rugby Squad—That the Parliament congratulates all those selected to represent Scotland in the 2015 RBS 6 Nations squad; notes that the squad includes a number of young players making their debut for Scotland, which it considers bodes well for the future of Scottish rugby; notes that the Scottish Borders is well represented in the squad by the captain, Greig Laidlaw, Hawick’s Stuart Hogg, Ross Ford from Kelso and Geoff Cross from Galashiels; looks forward to a successful tournament, and wishes Scotland luck in its first fixture against France on 7 February.

Supported by: Jamie McGrigor, Cameron Buchanan, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Alex Fergusson, Mary Scanlon, Murdo Fraser, Jackson Carlaw, Patricia Ferguson, Bill Kidd, Anne McTaggart, Kevin Stewart, Margaret McCulloch, Liam McArthur, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Neil Findlay, Roderick Campbell, Margaret Mitchell, Angus MacDonald, Colin Beattie, John Scott, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Richard Lyle, Annabel Goldie*

S4M-12114 Graeme Dey: Congratulations to Dundee and Angus College—That the Parliament congratulates the staff, students and management at Dundee and Angus College on a recent Scottish Funding Council report that suggested that it was the best performing college in terms of pass rates for higher education courses and had the second highest pass rate for further education courses; applauds the institution on these above national average figures; commends the college on its students from the most deprived postcode areas achieving a pass rate of 75%, and wishes all of the staff, students and management continuing success.

Supported by: Iain Gray, Roderick Campbell, Joan McAlpine, Hanzala Malik, Bill Kidd, Kevin Stewart, Jenny Marra, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Nigel Don, Angus MacDonald, Colin Beattie, Gordon MacDonald, Rob Gibson, Christian Allard, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12113 John Swinney: Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, agrees to any expenditure of a kind referred to in Rule 9.12.3(b) of the Parliament’s Standing Orders arising in consequence of the Act.

S4M-12112 Colin Beattie: Health in Mind Receives £1,792 from Big Lottery Fund—That the Parliament congratulates Health in Mind on receiving £1,792 from Big Lottery Fund’s 2014 Communities programme; considers that the organisation provides a supportive environment for those seeking positive discussion on mental health; understands that the organisation facilitates a safe space for people to experience positive mental health and wellbeing; considers that it treats people with respect, integrity and compassion; believes that the organisation will establish dance taster lessons and dance workshops; recognises its contribution to creating a community based on inclusion, and wishes Health in Mind well in the future.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Chic Brodie, Mike MacKenzie, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Roderick Campbell, Anne McTaggart, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, Angus MacDonald, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12111 Jackie Baillie: NoMorePage 3 Victory—That the Parliament welcomes The Sun’s decision to respond to calls led by the NoMorePage 3 campaign to stop printing pictures of topless women; understands that more than 217,000 people have signed a petition to back this call and that numerous organisations, including UNISON, the British Youth Council, UK Girlguiding, the National Union of Teachers, the Royal College of Nursing and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers have voiced their support; applauds everyone behind the NoMorePage3 campaign for their hard work and determination; regards The Sun’s decision to refrain from printing pictures of topless women as an important step to combat sexist attitudes toward women; celebrates this as a victory against the objectification of women, but believes that much more needs to be done to tackle sexism in society.

Supported by: Kezia Dugdale, James Kelly, Mary Fee, Elaine Smith, David Stewart, John Pentland, Cara Hilton, Colin Beattie, Richard Simpson, John Scott, Graeme Pearson, Liam McArthur, Rob Gibson, Patricia Ferguson, Graeme Dey, Elaine Murray, Roderick Campbell, Iain Gray, Hanzala Malik, Drew Smith, Alison McInnes, John Wilson, Malcolm Chisholm, Anne McTaggart, Nigel Don, Angus MacDonald, Neil Findlay, Claudia Beamish, Gil Paterson, Jayne Baxter, David Torrance, Stuart McMillan*, James Dornan*

S4M-12109 David Torrance: St Brycedale Church Playgroup Receives Funding—That the Parliament congratulates St Brycedale Church Playgroup on receiving £2,471 from the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All Scotland programme; notes that the playgroup offers pre-school education for children aged from two and a half years and is registered for 24 places; considers that playgroups provide an excellent learning opportunity in an informal setting as children at that stage learn best through play; welcomes what it sees as the great efforts by the group’s staff to assist all children in having the best possible start in life by creating a friendly environment; understands that the playgroup will use the grant to purchase additional reading material and play items to further improve its services, and wishes everyone involved at the playgroup the best of luck in all their future endeavours.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald, Joan McAlpine, Roderick Campbell, Liz Smith, Christian Allard, Bill Kidd, Chic Brodie, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie*

S4M-12103# Hanzala Malik: Racism on the Rise in Glasgow’s Schools—That the Parliament notes with sadness reports of a drastic rise in the number of racially-motivated assaults in Glasgow’s schools, with figures from Glasgow City Council suggesting that these have more than doubled in recent years; notes that 46 attacks were recorded in 2014, compared with 18 in 2010, which represents a 115% increase, further notes that the overall number of racist incidents in Glasgow schools has also gone up from 128 to 145 in the same time period, with incidents including physical assaults, verbal abuse and the ridiculing of pupils because of cultural differences; understands that Mr Jatin Haria, the executive director of the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, has stated that, as many racist incidents are not recorded, the real figure might be much greater; believes that such incidents happen not only in Glasgow, but across Scotland; finds this latest news both concerning and worrying, and notes the view that, as it concerns the children of Scotland, this matter must be addressed immediately.

Supported by: David Stewart, Jackie Baillie, Richard Simpson, Elaine Murray, Patricia Ferguson, Alison McInnes, Cameron Buchanan, Anne McTaggart, Neil Findlay, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Lyle

S4M-12102 Elaine Smith: 10 Years of the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act—That the Parliament celebrates 10 years of the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act 2005; understands that the bill received Royal Assent on 18 January 2005; recognises that it made it an offence to prevent or stop a child who is permitted to be in a public place or licensed premises from being fed milk in that place or on those premises; believes that it is the Scottish Government’s role to educate public services, businesses and members of the public about the Act and that more publicity and promotion is required; acknowledges the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby and believes that mothers breastfeeding in public should be celebrated and supported, and understands that, while the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 goes some way in doing that, more publicity and support is required.

Supported by: Malcolm Chisholm, Roderick Campbell, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McDougall, Lewis Macdonald, Drew Smith, Richard Simpson, Richard Lyle, Cara Hilton, Colin Beattie, Jackie Baillie, Mike MacKenzie, Neil Findlay, Patricia Ferguson, Elaine Murray, Alison McInnes, Kenneth Gibson, Nigel Don, Graeme Dey, Claudia Beamish, Jackson Carlaw, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12100 John Mason: Anti-Semitism—That the Parliament expresses its concern regarding the recent rise in anti-Semitism across Europe and considers that this antipathy toward Europe’s Jewish community has sadly been a recurrent theme for hundreds of years; notes Scotland’s traditionally positive relationship with its Jewish population; strongly asserts Scotland’s warm desire that Jewish people living in Scotland should feel safe, completely at home and a key part of the multicultural Scottish community, and believes that Jews, Muslims, Christians, people of other religions and people of no religion should all be treated equally and should all be able to live here free from the threat of violence or other discrimination.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Malcolm Chisholm, Patricia Ferguson, Joan McAlpine, Bill Kidd, Anne McTaggart, Kenny MacAskill, Ken Macintosh, Murdo Fraser, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Rob Gibson, Neil Findlay, Alison McInnes, Hugh Henry, Stewart Maxwell, Adam Ingram, Elaine Smith, Drew Smith, Jim Hume, Jackie Baillie, John Wilson, Roderick Campbell, Jean Urquhart, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, John Finnie, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Alex Fergusson, Dave Thompson*, James Dornan*

S4M-12099 Graeme Pearson: USC Dundonald—That the Parliament deplores the treatment of the workers at the USC plant in Dundonald; recognises the commitment of those workers as demonstrated at a meeting in Kilmarnock with Thompsons Solicitors and the STUC on 16 January 2015, at which more than 50 workers joined together to establish their rights and access to financial support from government, and notes what it considers USC’s abdication of its responsibility to loyal staff, some of whom worked hard with the company for more than 10 years.

Supported by: Malcolm Chisholm, Hanzala Malik, Claudia Beamish, Elaine Murray, David Stewart, Patricia Ferguson, Cara Hilton, Anne McTaggart, Lewis Macdonald, Richard Simpson, Richard Lyle, John Pentland, Margaret McDougall, Drew Smith, John Scott, Jackie Baillie, Jean Urquhart, John Finnie

S4M-12098 Murdo Fraser: 50th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Winston Churchill—That the Parliament commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill; recognises that he is considered by many as Britain’s greatest ever prime minister and was voted the Greatest Briton by BBC viewers in 2002; understands that, in a parliamentary career spanning 64 years, Churchill represented the Dundee constituency for 14 years; notes that he led Britain to victory in the Second World War and that, thanks to his stewardship, the British forces won decisive victories at the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic and in North Africa; understands that he served as prime minister in two separate terms for nine years and also held the posts of First Lord of the Admiralty and Chancellor of the Exchequer; considers that one of his greatest achievements was to foster a strong diplomatic relationship with the United States, which was crucial during the Second World War; notes that, outside of his parliamentary career, he served in the British army, which included a spell as Commander of the Royal Scots Fusiliers and that his accomplishments included leading the last ever British army cavalry charge and escaping from a prisoner of war camp during the Boer War, and calls on all members to remember one of the UK’s greatest leaders.

Supported by: Liz Smith, Alex Fergusson, Nanette Milne, Jamie McGrigor, Cameron Buchanan, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Margaret Mitchell, Richard Simpson, Richard Lyle, John Lamont, Gavin Brown, Jackson Carlaw, John Scott, Annabel Goldie*

S4M-12097 John Mason: Peace in Nigeria and Cameroon—That the Parliament notes what it believes has been the recent understandable emphasis on terrorist events in Europe, but also notes the tragic massacre of over 2,000 people during the razing of the Nigerian town of Baga by Boko Haram and the group’s recent attacks in Cameroon; condemns this campaign of terror, which, it understands, aims to establish a mono-religious state in what has been a religiously diverse region; understands that it has led to the killing of more than 10,000 people in the last year; believes that these incidents merit both pan-African and wider international attention, and urges increased effort to be made so that peace can be returned to Nigeria and the wider region as soon as possible.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Kenny MacAskill, Rob Gibson, Liam McArthur, Kevin Stewart, Kenneth Gibson, Bill Kidd, Adam Ingram, Tavish Scott, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Stewart Maxwell, Dennis Robertson, Jean Urquhart, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, John Finnie, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12094 Colin Beattie: Whitehill Welfare FC Awarded £1,190 from Big Lottery Fund—That the Parliament congratulates Whitehill Welfare FC on being awarded £1,190 from the Big Lottery Fund’s 2014 Communities Programme; considers that the club provides a supportive environment for athletes and promotes exercise across all age groups as well as contributing toward creating a community of athletes; understands that the club will hold a community sports day event; notes what it sees as the club’s long and rich history, and wishes it well in the future.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine, Dennis Robertson, Rob Gibson, Bill Kidd, Sandra White, Kevin Stewart, Liam McArthur, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Angus MacDonald, David Torrance

S4M-12093# Margaret Mitchell: Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s Outstanding Support for Survivors—That the Parliament recognises what it considers Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s outstanding support for stroke survivors; understands that it provides information and support through its Communication Support Services (CSS); notes that there are six CSS coordinators in its Central West area, who in turn support 17 communication stroke groups, such as the Young Stroke Survivors group, which meets fortnightly in Coatbridge; understands that this group believes that GPs need to be more aware of the signs that might be an indication of a patient either having had a minor stroke or of being at high risk of a stroke; understands that all of the groups raise awareness of the common effects of strokes, including what can be hidden conditions such as tiredness, memory loss, lack of concentration and communication difficulties, and highlight the availability of physiotherapy and speech therapy for survivors, and commends Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland on its community-based services.

Supported by: John Lamont, Malcolm Chisholm, Hanzala Malik, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Mary Scanlon, Cameron Buchanan, Dennis Robertson, Liam McArthur, Anne McTaggart, Jamie McGrigor, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, Graeme Dey, John Mason, Ken Macintosh, Murdo Fraser, Jackie Baillie, Richard Lyle, Hugh Henry, Jim Hume, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Jean Urquhart, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Annabel Goldie*

S4M-12092 Hanzala Malik: Garrowhill Gardens Estate Wins Prize—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at the Garrowhill Gardens Estate on it receiving a prize at the Keep Scotland Beautiful It’s Your Neighbourhood 2014 awards, which were presented at Glasgow City Chambers; understands that it was one of the 15 groups recognised by the city’s Lord Provost; notes that awards were presented to projects that aim to improve neighbourhoods through initiatives such as community gardening, planting displays, biodiversity, food growing and litter picks; congratulates all of the volunteers, and hopes that they can continue to help make their neighbourhoods greener and healthier.

Supported by: Drew Smith, Roderick Campbell, Dennis Robertson, Anne McTaggart, Bill Kidd, David Stewart, Margaret McDougall, Jackie Baillie, Richard Lyle, David Torrance

S4M-12091 Hanzala Malik: Young Start Awards £99,492 from Big Lottery Fund Scotland—That the Parliament acknowledges the £49,750 awarded to New Rhythms for Glasgow and the £49,742 to the Castlemilk Youth by the Big Lottery Fund Scotland through Young Start; understands that the New Rhythms for Glasgow group will create weekly art activity programmes for 12 to 25-year-olds across Barmulloch, Cadder, Maryhill, Sighthill and Springburn in Glasgow; understands that each group will present their new skills to their local communities by staging three community events per year and that the Castlemilk Youth Complex will continue to provide necessary support to children and young people aged eight to 16; understands that the young people are identified as at risk of mental health issues and social exclusion and will be given support for a further two years, and notes that this programme is to benefit 20 young people a year.

Supported by: Cara Hilton, Kenneth Gibson, Patricia Ferguson, Roderick Campbell, Anne McTaggart, Dennis Robertson, Kevin Stewart, Bill Kidd, David Stewart, Jackie Baillie, Richard Lyle, David Torrance

S4M-12090 Hanzala Malik: Record Number of Scots Relied on Foodbanks—That the Parliament is concerned that a record number of Scots relied on foodbanks in December 2014; notes that the Trussell’s Trust records showed that 10,500 people visited its 48 Scottish branches, the highest figure it has ever recorded; also notes that the data recovered shows that a third of the users stated that this was not a result of delayed benefits but due to low income; understands that this is a 13% rise from the figure from December 2013 of 9,263, and considers that the issue needs to be appropriately addressed.

Supported by: John Mason, Rhoda Grant, Cara Hilton, Patricia Ferguson, Anne McTaggart, Richard Simpson, Bill Kidd, David Stewart, Kevin Stewart, Margaret McDougall, Lewis Macdonald, Ken Macintosh, Jackie Baillie, Hugh Henry, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, Christine Grahame, David Torrance

S4M-11190# Kevin Stewart: Hepatitis C—That the Parliament notes that the blood-borne virus, hepatitis C, is a major cause of liver disease; understands that, in Scotland, an estimated 39,000 people, many unknowingly, are infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), including many in Aberdeen; considers that the current Scottish administration and its predecessors have done much to highlight and prevent HCV infection and improve treatment by implementing the aims of the Hepatitis C Action Plan and the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework; commends organisations such as the Hepatitis C Trust and Hepatitis Scotland on their efforts in advocating for people with HCV and lobbying on their behalf; believes that new treatments may offer opportunities, and welcomes what it sees as the Scottish Government, the NHS, the third sector and pharmaceutical companies continuing to cooperate in the fight to eradicate hepatitis C.

S4M-11796# David Stewart: Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland—That the Parliament recognises the report by the National Association of Scottish Principal Educational Psychologists and the Scottish Division of Educational Psychologists, which considers that the number of trained educational psychologists in Scotland is “dangerously low” and that psychological services in Scotland are reporting a significant increase in demand; understands that up to a quarter of educational psychologists may retire in the next four years and that there are too few trainees being recruited to fill this skills gap; believes that the ratio of educational psychologists was worse in 2012 than in 2001 and that, currently, around 394 educational psychologists are working in Scotland while the profession estimates the need for around 1,025; understands that the removal of the bursary paid to each trainee by the Scottish Government means that new trainees need to have access to around £25,000 to self-fund course fees, travel and living expenses, which has led to a 70% drop in applicants and a negative impact on the quality of candidates; considers that this has also created difficulties for students wishing to access courses who are resident in the Highlands and Islands and remote and rural parts of Scotland, and believes that a fall in the standards of assessment of children will undermine advances in early years intervention and, in particular, the educational advice open to children with learning difficulties and those with autistic spectrum disorder.

S4M-11995# Stewart Maxwell: Holocaust Memorial Day 2015—That the Parliament notes that 27 January 2015 marks Holocaust Memorial Day, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and an opportunity for schools, colleges, faith groups and communities across Scotland to remember the six million men, women and children murdered by the Nazi regime in occupied Europe; acknowledges that this year marks perhaps the last significant anniversary that will be marked with the Holocaust in living memory; further notes that the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is Keep the Memory Alive; values the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project, which gives two post-16 students from every school and college in Scotland the opportunity to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau; applauds Lucy Paterson and Kieran Smyth, two students from St Andrew’s RC Secondary in Glasgow, who took part in the project and will deliver the Parliament’s Time for Reflection message on 27 January; celebrates the Holocaust survivors who have enriched Scotland as a nation, and recommits to ensuring that racism, sectarianism and bigotry are never allowed to go unchallenged in Scotland.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-12089 Je suis Raif Badawi ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Cara Hilton, Patrick Harvie, Rob Gibson, Liam McArthur, Kenneth Gibson, Kevin Stewart, Malcolm Chisholm, Joan McAlpine, Sandra White, Christina McKelvie, Adam Ingram, Jayne Baxter, Tavish Scott, John Mason, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Neil Findlay, Stewart Maxwell, Colin Beattie, Jackie Baillie, Elaine Murray, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, John Finnie, David Torrance, Anne McTaggart, Clare Adamson, Dave Thompson*, James Dornan*

S4M-12088 Commemorating the Life of Mary Slessor ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Dave Thompson, Kevin Stewart, Stuart McMillan, Christina McKelvie, Liam McArthur, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Graeme Dey, Chic Brodie, Hanzala Malik, Nanette Milne, Joan McAlpine, Jackie Baillie, Alison Johnstone, Hugh Henry, Jamie McGrigor, Sandra White, Lewis Macdonald, Stewart Maxwell, Colin Beattie, Siobhan McMahon, Murdo Fraser, Nigel Don, Jenny Marra, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Anne McTaggart, Clare Adamson, James Dornan*

S4M-12087 Glasgow Pride 2015 ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Christina McKelvie, Margaret McCulloch, Bill Kidd, Cara Hilton, Patricia Ferguson, Hanzala Malik, Jackie Baillie, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, Neil Findlay, Colin Beattie, Dennis Robertson, John Wilson, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, James Dornan*

S4M-12086 USC Workforce Dundonald ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) John Mason, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Roderick Campbell, Patrick Harvie, Willie Coffey, Rob Gibson, Kevin Stewart, Dennis Robertson, Bill Kidd, Christina McKelvie, Neil Findlay, Graeme Dey, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Hugh Henry, Stewart Maxwell, John Wilson, Mark McDonald, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, John Finnie, David Torrance, Nigel Don, Dave Thompson*, James Dornan*

S4M-12085 Raif Badawi ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Kevin Stewart, Margaret McCulloch, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Claudia Beamish, Jayne Baxter, Hanzala Malik, Jackie Baillie, David Stewart, Alison Johnstone, Kenny MacAskill, Hugh Henry, Margaret McDougall, Sandra White, Johann Lamont, Alison McInnes, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, John Finnie, David Torrance, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12084 Welcoming a More Energy Efficient Retail Sector ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Roderick Campbell, Stuart McMillan, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, Colin Beattie, Nigel Don, Jean Urquhart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Alex Johnstone*

S4M-12083 Glasgow’s Charitable Efforts in Wake of Tragedy ­(lodged on 16 January 2015) Jean Urquhart, Joan McAlpine, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Cameron Buchanan, Bill Kidd, Anne McTaggart, Chic Brodie, Kevin Stewart, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Colin Beattie, Jackie Baillie, Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Patricia Ferguson, Hanzala Malik, Roderick Campbell, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, Dennis Robertson, David Torrance, Richard Lyle

S4M-12081 In Memory of Professor Ailsa McKay ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Roderick Campbell, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Siobhan McMahon, Elaine Smith, Nigel Don, Clare Adamson, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12079 Euan MacDonald Centre Research on Motor Neurone Disease (lodged on 15 January 2015) Roderick Campbell, Jackie Baillie, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, Nigel Don, Clare Adamson

S4M-12078 100 Years of Langside Library ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Roderick Campbell, Sandra White, Stewart Maxwell, Nigel Don

S4M-12077 Orkney Port Set for Record Year ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Stuart McMillan, Nigel Don, John Finnie

S4M-12076 Murray Bakers of Perth Takes World Scotch Pie Title ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Sandra White, Margaret Mitchell

S4M-12075 Turn2Us Campaign ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Sandra White, Clare Adamson

S4M-12074 Emergency Service Staff and those Involved in the Transport Network ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Jackie Baillie, Margaret McDougall, Sandra White, Lewis Macdonald, John Finnie

S4M-12073 Congratulations to Harris Tweed Hebrides ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Jackie Baillie, Sandra White, Lewis Macdonald, Margaret Mitchell, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12072 75th Anniversary of Citizens Advice Edinburgh ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Roderick Campbell, Sandra White, Jackie Baillie, Nigel Don, Clare Adamson

S4M-12071 Congratulations to Burrell Exhibition at Bonhams, London ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Sandra White, Jackie Baillie

S4M-12070 Thanks to Scotland’s NHS Staff ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Margaret McDougall, Sandra White, Siobhan McMahon

S4M-12069 The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival ­(lodged on 15 January 2015) Sandra White, Lewis Macdonald, Alex Salmond, Clare Adamson, Dave Thompson*

S4M-12068 Scottish Youth Parliament ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, John Finnie, Clare Adamson, Bruce Crawford

S4M-12066 Congratulating The Usual Place ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Sandra White, Cameron Buchanan

S4M-12065 Inksters Innovative Tweets ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) John Finnie

S4M-12064 Welcoming Bucksburn Academy’s Tobacco Policy ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Sandra White, John Finnie

S4M-12063 Get on Your Bike for the Children of Gaza ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) John Finnie, Claudia Beamish R

S4M-12061 Congratulating the Connect Project ­(lodged on 14 January 2015) Kevin Stewart, Sandra White, John Finnie

S4M-12059 Devolution of Mineral Access Rights and Fracking ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Siobhan McMahon

S4M-12058 Congratulating SSE Hydro ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Siobhan McMahon, Nigel Don

S4M-12057 Global Divestment Day, February 2015 ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) John Finnie

S4M-12054 Investment in Carers ­(lodged on 13 January 2015) Mary Scanlon, Kevin Stewart, Sandra White

S4M-12044 Congratulations Home Start Orkney ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) John Finnie

S4M-12043 Recognising the Efforts of Scottish Hydro and SSE Staff ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12041 Power Restoration in the Highlands and Islands ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-12040 Awareness of Group B Streptococcus ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald, Siobhan McMahon, Neil Findlay*, John Finnie*, John Pentland*

S4M-12038 The National Autistic Society Secures Major Investment ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12036 Metal Theft is not Victimless ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Nigel Don, Clare Adamson

S4M-12033 Congratulations to the First Step Group ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) Margaret McDougall

S4M-12032 2014 Arms Control Person of the Year ­(lodged on 12 January 2015) John Finnie, Clare Adamson

S4M-12029 Inch Community Centre Receives Funding for Children’s Wing (lodged on 12 January 2015) Sandra White

S4M-12028 Funding for Media Project at HMP and YOI Grampian in Peterhead (lodged on 09 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-12025 Barnardo’s Scotland partners with the Big Burns Supper ­(lodged on 09 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12024 Duthie Park Welcomes Record Visitor Numbers ­(lodged on 09 January 2015) Margaret McDougall

S4M-12023 Skytrac Catering Staff Sacked ­(lodged on 09 January 2015) Ken Macintosh, Neil Bibby

S4M-12019 MoD Secretly Lifts Ban on Nuclear Submarines in Scotland’s Lochs ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12015 Horrific Attacks in Paris ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald, Nigel Don, Clare Adamson

S4M-12010 ICSEI Conference Comes to Scotland in 2016 ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Margaret McDougall

S4M-12006 Je suis Charlie ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12005 East Kilbride’s Calderglen High School, Working for its Community ­(lodged on 08 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12004 Voluntary Action Scotland, Supporting a Stronger Third Sector (lodged on 07 January 2015) Margaret McDougall, Ken Macintosh, Clare Adamson

S4M-12003.1 Supporting PCS’s Campaign against UK Government Meddling (lodged on 08 January 2015) Margaret McDougall, Alison Johnstone

S4M-12003 Supporting PCS’s Campaign against UK Government Meddling (lodged on 07 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-12001 Investors in Young People Accreditation for Axis Well Technology (lodged on 07 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-11995 Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Gordon MacDonald, Roderick Campbell, Kenny MacAskill, Alex Fergusson, Michael McMahon, John Lamont, Neil Findlay, Murdo Fraser, Jackie Baillie, Elaine Murray, Cameron Buchanan, Clare Adamson, Michael Russell*, Richard Simpson*

S4M-11994 Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland ­(lodged on 07 January 2015) Clare Adamson, Drew Smith*

S4M-11992 Partick Thistle Top the Table Helping Homeless ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-11989 Disabled Access Day ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Margaret McDougall, Clare Adamson

S4M-11988 Disabled Access Day ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-11987 Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Scammers ­(lodged on 06 January 2015) Clare Adamson

S4M-11977 The Flying Scotsman is the 2015 World Darts Champion ­(lodged on 05 January 2015) Willie Rennie

S4M-11974 City Link Workers Treated with Contempt ­(lodged on 05 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-11960 Solidarity with the PCS National Museums Workers ­(lodged on 19 December 2014) Malcolm Chisholm, Sarah Boyack, Patrick Harvie

S4M-11931 John Muir Trust Wins Outdoor Campaigner of the Year ­(lodged on 17 December 2014) Cameron Buchanan, Liz Smith R, Anne McTaggart, Alison Johnstone, Cara Hilton, Alex Fergusson, Neil Findlay, Jackie Baillie, Alison McInnes, Michael McMahon, Patricia Ferguson, Sandra White

S4M-11890 Congratulations to SCARF Calendar Winners ­(lodged on 15 December 2014) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-11887 Supporting RMT’s No Sewage on the Tracks Campaign ­(lodged on 15 December 2014) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-11867 Thérèse Jackson and Stroke Charter Shortlisted for Best Poster Prize ­(lodged on 11 December 2014) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-11796 Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland ­(lodged on 03 December 2014) Malcolm Chisholm

S4M-11724 Silver City Surfers ­(lodged on 27 November 2014) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-11190 Hepatitis C ­(lodged on 13 October 2014) Malcolm Chisholm, Nanette Milne*

S4M-11155 Scottish Stammering Network ­(lodged on 09 October 2014) Liz Smith, Nanette Milne

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