Section G: Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 17 December 2015

Land Reform (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

Section 70

Michael Russell

1 In section 70, page 51, line 7, at end insert––

<“6ZA Public register of deer management plans

(1) This section applies to owners and occupiers of land who, in the form of a deer management group, produce a deer management plan.

(2) Such owners and occupiers of land must upon production of a deer management plan—

(a) give notice via a public register, managed by Scottish Natural Heritage, that a new deer management plan is proposed,

(b) specify in the notice the period within which, and the manner in which, representations or objections with respect to the proposed deer management plan may be made,

(c) specify in the notice details of—

(i) where and how such representations or objections (if any are made) may be viewed, and

(ii) how copies of any such representations or objections that are made may be obtained,

(d) consult persons who, so far as they can reasonably ascertain, have an interest in, or may be affected by, the proposed plan, and

(e) specify the period (being not less than 28 days beginning with the date of consultation) within which, and the manner in which, representations or objections with respect to the proposed deer management plan may be made by such persons.

(3) In producing the final deer management plan, the deer management group must take into account any representations and objections made in respect of it.

(4) Having decided whether or not to make the proposed changes made by representations to the deer management plan consultation, and following agreement by Scottish Natural Heritage that no amendments are required, the applicant must—

(a) publish in a newspaper (which may be a local newspaper) circulating in the district or districts affected by the proposed plan a notice containing—

(i) a summary of the reasons for the decision,

(ii) details of where and how a written statement of such reasons may be viewed, and

(iii) details of how copies of such a written statement may be obtained, and

(b) send a copy of such a written statement to any person who made representations or objections to the proposed deer management plan under this section.

(5) The costs of complying with this section are to be met by the owners and occupiers of the land to which the plan applies.>

Michael Russell

2 In section 70, page 52, line 2, before <without> insert <with or>

After section 70

Michael Russell

3 After section 70, insert––

<Power to require return on number of deer planned to be killed

(1) Section 40 of the Deer (Scotland) Act 1996 (power of SNH to require return of number of deer killed) is amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (1), at the end insert “or how many deer or each species and of each sex are planned to be taken or killed in the following year.”.

(3) In subsection (2)(b), after “preceding” insert “or, as the case may be, following”.

(4) In subsection (3), after “above” insert “, where it precedes the notice,”.

(5) After subsection (3), insert—

“(3A) A period specified by virtue of subsection (2)(b) above, where it follows the notice, shall not exceed one year.”.

Section 103

Michael Russell

4 In section 103, page 102, line 12, after <sections> insert <69 to 71,>

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