Increase in police capital spending needed, say MSPs


A new report from MSPs on the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing looking at police capital spending has concluded that an above inflation increase is vital to allow officers to operate efficiently.

MSPs to question police use of facial recognition technology


Holyrood’s Justice Sub-Committee on Policing has launched a new inquiry into the use of facial recognition technology.

MSPs call for police ‘cyber-kiosk’ rollout to be paused


Members of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Sub-Committee on Policing are asking police to stop their deployment of cyber-kiosks or ‘digital triage devices’ until there is greater clarity on the legal framework for their use in a new report out today.

Cabinet Secretary to be questioned about police finances


Police finances will come under the Holyrood spotlight again when the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing questions the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

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