Call for evidence on City Region Deals

Image: Jim Smillie

The Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee has today, Tuesday 4 April, launched a call for written evidence on City Region Deals and local growth deals.

City Deals were first introduced by the UK Government in 2011 as a way of encouraging local economic growth and the movement of economic decision-making away from central Government.

There are currently three agreed City Region Deals in Scotland, which represent a partnership of funding between the Scottish Government, UK Government, local government and regional partners. These deals cover the wider regions around Scotland’s cities.  The most progressed City Region Deal in Scotland is the Glasgow City Region City Deal, which was agreed in August 2014.

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre’s briefing on City Region Deals gives further information on the background to and progress of City Region Deals.

Organisations and individuals are invited to submit written evidence to the Committee setting out their views on whether City Region Deals are on course to deliver local economic growth and major infrastructure projects in line with their original proposals. This could include views on the effectiveness of shifting responsibility for local economic development to local leaders through joint working initiatives.

It would be helpful if written submissions could address the following questions:

  • What is your understanding of the purpose of City Region Deals?
  • Are City Region Deals on track to deliver local growth, innovation and infrastructure schemes which would not have otherwise been delivered?
  • What is your understanding of the governance arrangements for City Region Deals, and how well are these arrangements working in practice?
  • Have local residents and businesses been kept informed and involved in the development and activities of City Region Deals?
  • Are regions not covered by City Region Deals able to access equivalent funding and support for growth, innovation and infrastructure schemes?
  • Are City Regions Deals supporting a shift towards local decision-making on major investment projects?
  • Any other issues relating to City Region Deals which you wish to bring to the attention of the Committee?

The closing date for receipt of submissions is Tuesday 2 May 2017.

How to submit your evidence

Submissions should be limited to no more than six pages of A4. Responses should be sent, wherever possible, electronically and in MS Word format to the following email address: [email protected].

Before submitting your evidence please read the Parliament’s policy on treatment of written evidence by subject and mandatory committees (see below). Responses can also be sent by post to: Clerk to the Local Government and Communities Committee Office Room T3.60 Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP.

Written submissions will be made public on the Committee’s webpage. If you do not wish your response to be made public, please contact the clerks to discuss (you may wish to refer to the Parliament’s policy on handling information received in response to calls for evidence.

The Committee welcomes written evidence in English, Gaelic or any other language.

If you have any further questions regarding the Committee’s work on this inquiry, please contact the Committee clerking team at the above e-mail address or call 0131 348 6037.

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