Written Submissions

The following written submissions were received:

The following two submissions were received from the Scottish Government:

The following written submissions were received from the Promoters of the Bill on 12 June 2017—

The Promoters gave permission for the following document to be published on 3 October 2017

Further written evidence was received from the Promoters on 11 October 2017

 Evidence received at Consideration Stage

Documents relevant to the Committee meeting on 24 January 2018-

 Documents relating to new land plans submitted by Promoter

 *please note that this updates the previous published version of the report received on 2 May 2018. Areas of change have been highlighted in yellow for ease of reference. The previous version of the report can be found in Committee Paper POI/S5/18/3/1. The hyperlink to that committee paper can be found here:

Committee Papers 9 May 2018

 Submissions received from Promoter relating to Inchaffray Abbey on 19 June 2018

Written submission and appendices submitted by Mr John and Mrs Joyce Tait on 10 August 2018 with regards to amendment 9 lodged at Consideration Stage


Further papers used at the Committee meeting on 12 September 2018







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