Sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct inquiry


About the Inquiry

The Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee is holding an inquiry into sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct at the Scottish Parliament.

The remit of the inquiry is-

To conduct an examination of the rules, procedures and guidance governing the reporting, investigation and sanctioning of MSPs’ conduct with regard to sexual harassment at the Scottish Parliament.

To consider the Code of Conduct for MSPs, and the context in which it operates, in order to deliver a reporting regime which inspires confidence in those affected by MSPs’ conduct that they will be taken seriously and treated fairly and that appropriate action will be taken if sexual harassment is found to have occurred, including sanctions.

To examine political parliamentary parties’ approaches to the reporting and investigation of MSPs’ conduct with regard to sexual harassment at the Scottish Parliament with a view to making recommendations.

To understand workplace cultural and societal factors that may be relevant to MSPs’ conduct with regard to sexual harassment and determine whether and what changes could be made to the Code of Conduct to address them.


The Committee published its report on 5 June 2018.


On 7 December 2017 the Committee issued a call for written evidence, the closing date for submissions was 26 January 2018.

Read the call for evidence

Read the written submissions received

The Committee took evidence on its inquiry during January, February and March 2018.

Read the Meeting Papers and Official Reports 

Read the supplementary written evidence


The Committee published its report on 5 June 2018.


The Committee's report was debated in the Chamber on 14 June 2018

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