NHS Corporate Governance call for views

The Committee is seeking views on how well NHS boards adhere to the key principles of good corporate governance as outlined by the UK Code of Corporate Governance (leadership, effectiveness, accountability, relations with stakeholders).

The Committee is asking the following questions:

Do you have any comments on how NHS boards operate and make decisions, for example:

  • Do you trust NHS Boards to make decisions that are in the best interests of the public? 
  • Are NHS board decisions open and transparent?
  • How accountable do you feel NHS boards are?
  • How effective are NHS boards at delivering health services and improving the health of their population?

How to submit your evidence

Please send your submission no later than Wednesday 7 February 2018.

Responses should be sent, wherever possible, electronically and in MS Word format to: [email protected]

Hard-copy responses may be sent to: Health and Sport Committee, T3.60, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh EH99 1SP

Responses should be no more than four sides of A4 in length.

Before making a submission, please read our Policy on Treatment of Written Evidence by Subject and Mandatory Committees.

Our normal practice is to publish all relevant evidence that is sent to us on our website and we may also include it in the hard copy of any committee report. Therefore, if you wish your evidence to be treated as confidential, or for your evidence to be published anonymously, please contact the Clerk to the Committee, before you submit your evidence.

Please note that the Parliament is covered by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. This also affects the way that we deal with your evidence.

In particular you should be aware that if we receive a request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we may be required legally to release the information to the person who has made the request – even where the relevant committee has agreed to treat all or part of the information in confidence or publish it anonymously.

So, in the circumstances outlined above, while we can assure you that your document / name will not be circulated to the general public in the context of the relevant committee’s current work, we are unable to give you a guarantee that the full document will never be released.


Should you require alternative formats of this information or further assistance in making a written submission to the Committee, please do not hesitate to contact the clerking team of the Committee.

For Committee information, contact: Rebecca Macfie, tel 0131 348 5247, email: [email protected]

For further information, the media contact is: Angela Kelly, tel 0131 348 6260 email: [email protected]

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