One-off evidence sessions with health and sport public bodies


About the evidence sessions


sportscotland is the national agency for sport in Scotland.

As an organisation that receives public funds, sportscotland falls to be held accountable by the Health and Sport Committee scrutiny in relation to their performance, value for money and meeting of objectives.

Following a previous evidence session on 24 January 2017, the Committee invited sportscotland to attend for an update session.  This update session took place 22 January 2019.



22 January 2019



We received a copy of sportscotland's Equality mainstreaming and outcome progress report on 4 July 2019:

sportscotland published their new strategy "Sport for Life" in June 2019.  The summary is below.  For full details you can visit the Sport for Life website.



Further to the evidence session with sportscotland on 22 January 2019, the Committee issued a letter to the Chief Executive of sportscotland following up on a number of issues raised at the meeting.

We received a response on 13 February 2019:

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