Draft Budget Scrutiny 2020-21


About the Inquiry

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee (the Committee) is responsible for scrutinising financial matters within its remit. The next Scottish Government’s Draft Budget will be 2020-21.

Budget scrutiny is based on a full-year approach. In practice this means the Committee scrutinises the development of equality and human rights-based budget policy and delivery of outcomes, through its ongoing inquiry and legislative scrutiny work.

During this Parliamentary session the Committee has also held specific budget inquiries to examine the Scottish Government’s approach to national priorities for delivering equality and human rights outcomes and how it can be better held accountable for these cross-cutting topics (2017). Following this inquiry, the Committee explored how national and local priorities could be better delivered through local authorities’ equalities and human rights decision making and budget setting processes (2018).  

At its meeting on 6 June, the Committee agreed to build on this work by undertaking an inquiry into third sector funding to deliver national equalities and human rights priorities and outcomes. This recognises the third sector has a vital role to play in progressing national outcomes.

Remit of the inquiry

To explore public sector funding to third sector organisations that deliver national equalities and human rights priorities, and to assess the accountability of public bodies partnering with the third sector in achieving better outcomes for those groups who have equality needs or require support to access their rights.


The Committee published its report, Looking ahead to the Scottish Government's Draft Budget 2020-21: Valuing the Third Sector, on 7 November 2019.

In addition the Committee wrote to the Minster for Older People and Equalities on 7 November 2019, reflecting on a range of financial matters it has considered throughout the parliamentary year.

The Minister for Older People and Equalities responded with a letter and report on 6 Feburary 2020 to the Committees letter dated 7 November 2019.


The Committee's call for views ran from 14 June to 23 August 2019. 

Read the Call for Views

Read the summary of written evidence

Submissions Received

White Ribbon Scotland (165KB pdf)

Feisty Women (168KB pdf)

Scottish Human Rights Commission (402KB pdf)

Engender (401KB pdf)

Girlguiding Scotland (100KB pdf)

Emma Idzikowska (88KB pdf)

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (205KB pdf)

Age Scotland (174KB pdf)

Shelter Scotland (84KB pdf)

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (227KB pdf)

Melissa Titus (165KB pdf)

Marie Wilson (62Kb pdf)

Maggie Mellon (164KB pdf)

Equate Scotland (90Kb pdf)

MurrayBlackburnMackenzie (171KB pdf)

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (146KB pdf)

CrossReach (230KB pdf)

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (22KB pdf)

Children's Health Scotland (197KB pdf)

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (159KB pdf)

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (393KB pdf)

Susan Moffat (10KB pdf)

Scottish Women's Aid (243KB pdf)

Women’s Rights Action Group (145KB pdf)

LGBT Youth (101KB pdf)

Stonewall Scotland (95KB pdf)

deafscotland(181KB pdf)

Inclusion Scotland (215KB pdf)

Fife Centre for Equalities (101KB pdf)

LGBT Health (182KB pdf)

Ann Hall (158KB pdf)

forwomen.scot (96KB pdf)

Angela Dixon (65KB pdf)

Human Rights Consortium Scotland (271KB pdf)

Lessuz McL (152KB pdf)

Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (101KB pdf)

A Blackadder (82KB pdf)

COSLA (772KB pdf)
Annex: COSLA Response: Local Government and Communities Committee

BEMIS (231KB pdf)

Anonymous Submission (66KB pdf)

SACRO (120KB pdf)

Supplementary Submissions Received

forwomen.scot (103KB pdf)

deafscotland (580KB pdf)


Visits and Events

Notes from Engagement:


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