Health and Sport Committee’s consideration of UK Common Frameworks


About the Inquiry

Development of Common Frameworks 

The UK and devolved governments agreed that common frameworks would be needed after the UK’s exit from the EU to ensure that, in certain policy areas, there was no divergence between the nations of the UK where that would be undesirable. 

During its membership of the EU, the UK and all its governments had been required to comply with EU law. This ensured that in many policy areas, including some that are devolved, a broadly consistent approach was developed across all four nations.  

Following its exit from the EU on 31 January 2020, the UK entered a transition period which is due to end on 31 December 2020. Throughout this transition period all parts of the UK must continue to comply with EU law. Once the transition period ends this requirement will also end, allowing the possibility of policy divergence between the four nations of the UK. 

Common frameworks are being developed to ensure that rules and regulations in certain policy areas remain consistent across the UK.

Role of the Committee

In March 2019, the Finance and Constitution Committee published a report on common frameworks. The report concluded that the Scottish Parliament has an important role in examining common frameworks as they are being developed, agreed and implemented. 

The Committee’s role is to scrutinise those common frameworks that fall within its remit. The Finance and Constitution Committee has a role in considering the wider implications of common frameworks and the constitutional impact of them.

Consideration of Frameworks

The Committee are due to consider the following UK Common Frameworks: 

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