Scrutiny of the draft budget 2012-13 and spending review 2011



On 21 September the Scottish Government published its draft budget for 2012-13 and spending review 2011. The normal timetable for budget scrutiny follows on from this:

  • 21 September – Scottish Government publishes draft budget
  • Mid-November – Subject Committees report to Finance Committee
  • Early December – Finance Committee publishes report on draft budget
  • Week prior to Christmas recess – Debate on Finance Committee report
  • By 20 January – Scottish Government publishes budget bill
  • End January – Stage 1 debate
  • Prior to February recess – Stage 2 and Stage 3.




The Committee has agreed that part of its scrutiny of the draft budget and spending review will focus on the extent to which the Scottish Government is encouraging a more preventative approach to public spending and how this approach is being implemented and shared across key agencies such as Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs), NHS boards, local authorities and police forces.

Written evidence

The Committee issued a call for evidence and a questionnaire to CPPs on 24 June 2011. The call for evidence closed on 2 September 2011.

Read the call for evidence and the CPP questionnaire

Read the written submissions received


3rd Report, 2011 (Session 4): Report on the Scottish Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13

Additional Information


At its meeting on 15 June the Committee agreed to appoint a Budget Adviser to assist in its scrutiny of the spending review and the draft budget. The Committee's adviser is Professor David Bell.

Written agreements

The Committee has written agreements with the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and the Scottish Commission for Public Audit on the budget process.

Subject Committee guidance

To assist in their own scrutiny of the draft budget, the Committee has issued the following guidance to subject committees:


Briefings on the draft budget 2012-13 and spending review 2011 from the Financial Scrutiny Unit in SPICe and Professor Bell can be found below.

Briefings from the Centre for Public Policy for Regions and a response from the Scottish Government can be found below.



For specific information on the Committee's current business, please contact Lucy Scharbert, Assistant Clerk to the Committee, on 0131 348 5451 or email [email protected]

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