The Carloway Review


Lord Carloway's Report on Criminal Law and Practice


A Review of Scottish Law and Practice was requested by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice in October 2010 following the UK Supreme Court’s decision to uphold an appeal by Peter Cadder, which ruled that police could not question a suspect without first offering him or her access to a solicitor. Lord Carloway was nominated to conduct the Review by the Lord President of the Court of Session, Lord Hamilton.

Lord Carloway published his report on 17 November 2011.


The Committee gathered evidence on Lord Carloway’s Review.

Oral evidence

At its meeting on 29 November the Committee took evidence from Lord Carloway.

At its meeting on 13 December the Committee took evidence from:

Brian McConnachie QC;
James Chalmers, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh;
Fiona Raitt, Professor of Evidence and Social Justice, University of Dundee;
Bill McVicar, Convener, Criminal Law Committee, and Alan McCreadie, Deputy Director of Law Reform, Law Society of Scotland;
Peter Duff, Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Aberdeen;
Chief Constable David Strang and Chief Superintendent Paul Main, Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland;
Gerard Sinclair, Chief Executive, Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

At its meeting on 20 December the Committee took evidence from:

Maggie Scott QC, Chair, Justice Scottish Advisory Group;

Lily Greenan, Manager, Scottish Women's Aid;

Kathleen Caskie, Business Implementation Manager, Victim Support Scotland.

Written evidence

Written evidence was received from:


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