Scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2014-15



In the context of the Scottish Government’s 2014-15 Draft Budget and National Performance Framework, to examine:

  • the extent to which relevant public sector providers of training and learning, including further education, are helping to deliver the Scottish Government’s youth employability commitments;
  • whether the funding that is being provided for this purpose is sufficient; and
  • how the policy focus on younger learners is impacting on lifelong learning.


Written evidence

The Committee received the following written evidence;

Oral evidence

The Committee took oral evidence at its meetings on 24 September 2013, 1 October 2013 and 8 October 2013.

Read the Official Report of the meetings


The Education and Culture Committee published its report, as an annexe to the Finance Committee Report, on 9 December 2013.

Read the Education and Culture Committee Budget Report

The Scottish Government responded to the Committee report:

The Cabinet Secretary provided information on youth employment programmes, received 21 February 2014.

Additional Information

As part of the Budget Strategy Phase, the Committee invited the Scottish Government to submit information on early years and early intervention: 

The Scottish Government provided additional information on a number of issues arising during the oral evidence session in October 2013:

The Scottish Government provided additional information on the reclassification of colleges:

In its report on the Draft Budget 2014-15, the Committee invited Colleges Scotland “to provide evidence to the Scottish Government on its expressed view that lifelong learning has been detrimentally affected as a result of Scottish Government spending decisions”. The report added “If such evidence is provided, the Scottish Government should indicate how it would intend to respond.”  The following submissions were received:

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre produced briefing on the Scottish Government Draft Budget 2014-15:  

SPICe Briefing on Draft Budget 2014-15 

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