British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill


Stage 1

Members of the Education and Culture Committee at Windsor Park School and Sensory Service in Falkirk

The British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 29 October 2014 by Mark Griffin MSP. The Bill aims to promote the use of British Sign Language in Scotland.

Read the Bill and other documents in English and BSL


The Committee invited views in English and BSL. It also invited comments on a BSL Facebook Group.

Read the submissions received

Summaries of views received

Summary of views received  English (75KB pdf)  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL 
Summary of Facebook   English (79KB pdf)  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL1 BSL2
Summary of BSL video submissions   English (175KB pdf)  
Summary of BSL Facebook    English (285KB pdf)  

Evidence sessions

16 December 2014: Member in Charge Watch meeting (with BSL)

24 February 2015: Deaf community and service providers Watch meeting (with BSL)

17 March 2015: Member in Charge and Scottish Government Watch meeting (with BSL) 

Read the meeting papers and Official Reports of these meetings


Stage 1 - Committee Report   English   BSL signing hands graphic  BSL summary

Response to our report

Additional Information

Debates and other meetings

Stage 1 debate on 5 May 2015: Watch the debate (with BSL)

Stage 2 consideration on 2 June 2015: Watch the meeting (BSL)

Stage 3 debate on 17 September 2015: Watch the meeting (BSL)

Additional information on Stages 2 and 3 is included here: BSL Bill

Other documents and videos

Stage 1 - Scottish Government memorandum   English   BSL signing hands graphic  BSL 
Stage 1 - Video: Convener discusses report   English  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL
Stage 1 - Finance Committee report  English  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL summary
Stage 1 - DPLR Committee report  English  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL summary
Stage 2 - How the Bill was amended   English   BSL signing hands graphic  BSL
Stage 2 - Revised cost estimates   English  N/A
Stage 3 - Video: The Bill is passed   English  BSL signing hands graphic  BSL

Fact finding visits

Here are some photographs of the visits: BSL image gallery


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