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 Implementing the Smith Agreement - The UK Government’s Draft Legislative Clauses

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On 19 September 2014, the UK Prime Minister announced the establishment of a commission to be chaired by Lord Smith of Kelvin following the Scottish Independence Referendum held the previous day.

Lord Smith’s commission published its report – the Smith Agreement – on 27 November 2014, setting out the agreement reached between the five political parties represented in the Scottish Parliament who sat on the commission.

On 22 January 2015, the UK Government published a Command Paper - Scotland in the United Kingdom: An enduring settlement - setting out its proposals in the form of draft legislative clauses to take forward the Smith Agreement. These proposals cover:

  • Constitutional matters
  • Fiscal framework
  • Tax
  • Welfare
  • Public bodies, executive agencies and the Crown Estate
  • Civil protections and advice

The Scottish Parliament’s Devolution (Further Powers) Committee has been established to consider the detail of any legislative proposals designed devolve further powers to the Scottish Parliament.

In the Committee’s work programme – agreed in January 2015 – Members have agreed to focus on the practicalities of devolving tax, welfare, borrowing and the Crown Estate provisions, and to produce an interim report of key findings by the end of March 2015.

As part of this process, the Committee wants to hear from organisations and individuals from all across Scotland and wider.

This written call for evidence invites you to Have Your Say and send us your views on the UK Government’s draft legislative clauses to devolve further powers to the Scottish Parliament.

How to submit written evidence

Evidence should be reasonably brief and typewritten (preferably normally no more than 4-6 sides of A4 in total).

The deadline for receipt of written submissions is Friday 6 March 2015. Owing to the timescale normally required for the processing and analysis of evidence, late submissions will only be accepted with the advance agreement of the clerk.

The Committee prefers to receive written submissions electronically and in a form accessible using Microsoft Word. These should be sent to:

[email protected]

You may also send a hard copy of written submissions to:

Devolution (Further Powers) Committee
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

We welcome written evidence in any language.

Policy for Handling Written Evidence

Before you submit your written evidence, please ensure that you have read our policy on treatment of written evidence. Written submissions will be handled in accordance with this policy.

We would also be grateful if, when using any tables or graphics in your submission, that you include a short paragraph explaining what the table/graphic shows. This helps readers with visual impairments.


For details about the Committee’s work on the draft legislative clauses, please contact Heather Galway, Committee Assistant, 0131-348 5206.

For more information on the work programme of the Committee:


and follow us on Twitter, @SP_DevoCttee

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