Longannet power station and security of supply



At its meeting on 11 March 2015, the Committee took evidence on the future of Longannet power station and security of supply from -  

Mike Calviou, Director of Transmission Network Service, National Grid;
Martin Crouch, Senior Partner, Transmission, Ofgem;
Jim Smith, Managing Director, Energy Portfolio Management, Scottish and Southern Energy;
Neil Clitheroe, CEO Retail & Generation, Scottish Power;

and then from—

Councillor Tom Adams, and Robin Presswood, Head of Service, Economy, Planning and Employability Services, Fife Council.

Following the evidence session, the Committee received the Security of Electricity Supply in Scotland report from National Grid, Scottish Power Transmission and SHE-Transmission.

Issues raised during this meeting helped to shape the Committee's subsequent inquiry into Security of Supply.

On 20 January 2016 the Committee took further evidence from the Longannet Task Force.

Read the Official Report here.

The Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism provided an update on 9 March 2016.

Read the Minister's update here.

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