Attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment - Call for views

Education and Culture Committee

 Attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment

 Call for evidence

Your views

The Committee is holding a short inquiry to consider how the attainment levels of school pupils with a hearing and/or a visual impairment can be improved. 

We invite you to give us concise and specific suggestions about what could be done to improve those children’s attainment.

The Committee recognises that children with a sensory impairment may have other disabilities, which may have a significant effect on education and can require complex additional support.  Therefore, the Committee’s inquiry focuses solely on children with a sensory impairment and no other disabilities.  These children may refer to themselves as Deaf, deaf, hearing impaired, dual sensory impaired, Deafblind, blind or visually impaired.

How to submit your views

The closing date for responses is Wednesday 29 April 2015.  All responses should be sent to the Committee clerks at [email protected].

Alternatively, you may use the following address—

Clerk to the Education and Culture Committee

Room T3.40

The Scottish Parliament


EH99 1SP

We welcome responses in written or other formats, including audio, braille or British Sign Language (BSL) video.  Please keep your response as concise as possible.  If you are making a submission in written format, we would prefer to receive it in Microsoft Word.

We will handle responses in accordance with the Parliament’s policy for the treatment of evidence.  This information is available in various formats, including BSL video and as an audio file, on the Parliament’s website at

What happens next?

After the Committee has received responses, it will invite some people to attend a number of meetings to discuss the issues in more detail.  The meetings are likely to be held in May 2015.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Committee's inquiry, you can contact the Committee clerks by emailing [email protected], or by calling 0131 348 5222.  You can also call using the Text Relay service on 18001 0131 348 5222.

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