Work, wages and wellbeing in the Scottish labour market



The remit, as agreed at the outset of the inquiry, was-

"To explore job quality in the Scottish labour market, specifically how employment has changed since the 2008/09 recession. The inquiry will consider the characteristics and contrasting qualities of different jobs by looking at areas such as wages, hours, contract types, worker autonomy, training and development opportunities and task variation. The Committee is particularly interested in the health, social and economic impacts of low pay and low quality work and the extent to which Scottish Government policies can improve the quality of work and wellbeing of workers in Scotland."


The Committee launched a call for evidence on 22 June 2015.

Read the news release on the Committee's call for evidence.

The deadline for receipt of submissions was 21 August 2015, and the Committee has published the results gathered through its online form for submissions.

Read a short summary of survey responses (547 KB pdf)

The Committee took evidence from June until November 2015. As part of it's inquiry, the Committee took part in Parliament Day Paisley on Monday 21st September 2015.

Read the news release on Parliament Day Paisley

The Committee published its report on 14 January 2016.

Read the Committee's report Taking the high road - Work, Wages and Wellbeing in the Scottish Labour Market

The Committee held a Chamber debate on the inquiry on Tuesday 1 March 2016. Read the Official Report of the debate.

The Committee received the following responses to its report.

3 March 2016 

4 March 2016 


The Committee's call for evidence closed on 21st August.

Read a summary of the written submissions received (430KB pdf)

Read the written submissions received.

As part of its inquiry, the Committee gathered evidence using an online form asking individuals a number of questions about their working life.

Read a summary of responses to the online questionnaire (294KB pdf)

Formal evidence began in June, you can read an account of evidence heard in the Official Report.

Official Report of meeting 24 June 2015

Official Report of meeting 9 September 2015

Official Report of meeting 16 September 2015

Official Report of meeting 23 September 2015

Official Report of meeting 30 September 2015

Official Report of meeting 7 October 2015

Official report of meeting 28 October 2015 

Official report of meeting 4 November 2015 

Correspondence relating to the inquiry


1st Report, 2016 (Session 4): Taking the High Road - Work, Wages and Wellbeing in the Scottish Labour Market

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