Scrutiny of the draft budget 2016-17 - Prevention



The Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services in Scotland published its report in June 2011. The Commission concluded that Scotland’s public services are in need of urgent and sustained reform and that a radical change in the design and delivery of public services is necessary to tackle deep-rooted social problems. One of the Commission’s key recommendations was the need to prioritise expenditure on public services which prevent negative outcomes from arising. 

The Finance Committee agreed at the start of this session of the parliament to monitor the progress being made in delivering the decisive shift to prevention. The Committee is therefore interested in hearing views on the progress being made in reforming Scotland’s public services and delivering the decisive shift towards prevention.


Letter from Minister for Children and Young People to Convener, dated 11 November 2015 (2.44MB pdf)

Letter from Convener to Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Economy, dated 23 March 2015 (384KB pdf)


The closing date for responses to Prevention was Friday 30 October 2015. 

Read the submissions below:


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