BBC charter renewal - Call for views

Education and Culture Committee

BBC charter renewal: Call for views

Your views

The Committee is holding an inquiry on the Scottish aspects of the renewal of the BBC charter.

The Committee is seeking views on the specific questions below. You do not have to answer all the questions.

1. Scale and scope of the BBC

  • How should the charter reflect the BBC’s priorities and output in Scotland?

  • Should in-house production quotas and Terms of Trade allow greater competition and what impact could this have on the Scottish broadcasting industry?

  • Is the BBC’s online presence damaging local and regional news outlets in Scotland?  What could be done to ensure the BBC works more co-operatively with the local and regional news sector?

2. Serving the interests of the Scottish audience

  • How well is the BBC serving the Scottish audience (English and Gaelic speaking) and representing Scottish issues to the wider UK audience?

  • Could Scotland receive a fairer share of BBC spending?

  • How well does the BBC support distinctive Scottish content and could it do more in this regard?

  • How could the BBC enhance support and development of talent and skills in Scotland?

3. Governance arrangements

  • How could BBC governance be improved to enhance the Scottish voice?

4. Cost savings

  • What would be the impact of any further cuts to BBC spending in Scotland?

How to submit your views

The closing date for responses is midday on Monday 23 November. 

Please send your response to [email protected]

Alternatively, you may use the following address: Clerk to the Education and Culture Committee, Room T3.40, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.

In line with the Scottish Parliament Language Policy, we welcome responses in English, Gaelic, British Sign Language, or any other language.

We will handle responses in accordance with the Parliament’s policy for the treatment of evidence, which is available on our website at

What happens next?

After the Committee has received responses, it will invite some people to attend a number of meetings to discuss the issues in more detail.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee clerks:

[email protected]

Telephone: 0131 348 5222 (Text Relay service 18001 0131 348 5222)

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