Scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2016-17



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The Committee has responsibility for scrutinising the Scottish Government’s draft budget 2016-17 on the issues under its remit, namely transport, housing, broadband and water and sewerage infrastructure. 

While the draft budget for the next Financial Year is usually published in October, the Scottish Government has confirmed that its 2016-17 draft budget will be published on 16 December 2015. The Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Economy, in a recent letter to the Finance Committee, said that this delay is due to the later than expected announcement of the UK Government’s Spending Review on 25 November 2015.

While this delay will limit the time available to scrutinise the draft budget, the Committee still wishes to fully consider its implications and report to the Finance Committee. It has therefore decided to gather evidence in advance of the publication of the draft budget so that it will be in a better position to respond to the Finance Committee within the reduced timescale.

Following up on last year's budget scrutiny, the Committee will focus its budget scrutiny on how the spending within the Committee’s remit affects the Scottish Government’s national performance indicator on reducing Scotland's carbon footprint. In particular, what further action might be necessary going forward to help meet the Scottish Government’s climate change targets.


The 2016-17 draft budget will be published on 16 December 2015.

Written evidence

The Committee received a number of submissions in advance of receiving the draft budget for 2016-17.

Read the written submissions received

Oral evidence

At its meeting on 25 November 2015 the Committee heard from a range of groups with a particular interest in mitigating climate change as well as an academic with a specific knowledge of carbon accounting.  

Official Report 25 November 2015

At its meeting on 6 January 2016 the Committee heard from the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities and the Minister for Housing and Welfare.

Official Report 6 January 2016


Report on Draft Budget 2016-17 published 29 January 2016 

Read the response from the Scottish Government to the Committee's Report on Draft Budget 2016-17 (285KB pdf)

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