Standards and Public Appointments Committee (Session 3)

1. The remit of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee is to consider and report on–

(a) the practice and procedures of the Parliament in relation to its business;

(b) whether a member’s conduct is in accordance with these Rules and any Code of Conduct for members, matters relating to members’ interests, and any other matters relating to the conduct of members in carrying out their Parliamentary duties;

(c) the adoption, amendment and application of any Code of Conduct for members; and

(d) matters relating to public appointments in Scotland.

2. Where the Committee considers it appropriate, it may by motion recommend that a member’s rights and privileges be withdrawn to such extent and for such period as are specified in the motion.

The Standards Committee was succeeded by the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee. (As agreed by resolution of the Parliament on 27 September 2007, with effect from 28 September 2007)

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