National Performance Framework - National Outcomes


About the Inquiry

The Scottish Government is currently in the process of reviewing and updating its National Outcomes.  The National Outcomes set out the Scottish Government’s broad policy aims for Scotland, and were last revised in 2007, with one further outcome being added in 2011.

Under section 2 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, the Scottish Government is required to consult the Scottish Parliament on the proposed revisions to the National Outcomes.  As part of this consultation, details of the wider consultation process and how it has been taken into account to inform any changes must also be provided. The proposed revised National Outcomes were laid in the Scottish Parliament on 29 March 2018.

There are three files embedded within the National Outcomes for Scotland document. These can be accessed via the links below:

Page 19 - Carnegie UK Trust and Oxfam Scotland report (1.44MB pdf) 

Page 19 - Children’s Parliament report (562KB pdf) 

Page 41 - Comprehensive view of the development of the new Indicator set (282KB pdf)

The Local Government and Communities Committee has been designated as the Lead Committee and has invited the ECCLR Committee to scrutinise the National Outcomes which most closely apply to its remit. In addition, at its meeting on 6 March 2018, the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee also agreed to consider the National Indicator related to the Marine Environment in its future work programme. 


The Committee has agreed to consider the revised National Outcomes and proposed National Indicators and to report its view to the Local Government and Communities Committee by 4 May. It also agreed to invite the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform to give evidence on the Review.


The Committee agreed to write to stakeholders seeking views on the revised National Outcomes and National Indicators to inform its scrutiny.

The stakeholders wrote to:

  • Community Land Scotland
  • Scttish Land and Estates
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • Scottish Environment Link/Marine Conservation Society
  • WWF
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Climate X Change
  • Zero Waste Scotland
  • Ricardo
  • National Farmers Union Scotland
  • Scottish Tenant Farmers Association

The Committee received the following written submissions on the National Outcomes and National Indicators: 


The Committee sent a letter to the Local Government and Communities Committee on the outcome of its scrutiny of the National Performance Framework National Outcomes on 2 May 2018

Letter received 11 June 2018 from the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution responding to the Committee's input in the scrutiny process of the Scottish Government’s draft National Outcomes. 

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