Transport (Scotland) Bill


About the Bill

The Transport (Scotland) Bill was introduced by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution, Derek Mackay MSP, on 8 June 2018.

A Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision for low emission zones; to make provision for and in connection with the powers of local transport authorities in connection with the operation of local bus services in their areas; to make provision about arrangements under which persons may be entitled to travel on local bus and other transport services; to prohibit the parking of vehicles on pavements and prohibit double parking; to make provision in connection with the status of the office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, the Commissioner's functions and the regulation of road works; to make provision in connection with regional Transport Partnerships and to adjust the number of members on the British Waterways Board; and for connected purposes.

SPICe Briefings

Stage 1


12 September  Evidence session with Scottish Government Bill Team 
19 September Evidence session with local authorities and regional transport partnerships
3 October Evidence session - smart ticketing and buses
24 October Evidence session - low emission zones 
7 November Evidence session - parking and roadworks
21 November Evidence session with the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity

Stage 2

The Committee considered Stage 2 amendments to the Transport (Scotland) Bill on 5,12 and 19 June 2019. In advance of these meetings, the Committee took oral evidence on amendments that proposed the introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy (WPL). These evidence sessions took place on 22 and 29 May 2019. The WPL amendments, lodged by John Finnie MSP, and an accompanying policy narrative are available here.

The Committee launched a short survey seeking views on the WPL amendments (which closed on Monday 20 May 2019). The views provided were summarised, circulated to the Committee and published on its website below (on an anonymous basis).


Stage 3

The Bill was debated at Stage 3 on 9 and 10 October.

Stage 3 Amendments, 9 October 2019

Official Report and Minutes

Stage 3 Debate, 10 October 2019

Official Report and Minutes


The call for evidence is now closed - no further submissions will be accepted.

Read the submissions received

Visits and Events

The Committee held an informal video conference with London transport stakeholders about their experience of low emission zones, smart ticketing and bus regulation, in the context of the Committee’s work on the Transport (Scotland) Bill.

    Committee Member, Colin Smyth visited the Scottish Youth Parliament on behalf of the Committee to attend a meeting of the Transport, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, and participate in workshops on the Bill.

    On 24 October, the Committee held a discussion forum in the Parliament to hear people's views on the Transport (Scotland) Bill. 47 people from a range of community gorups, local authorities and business interests were present. The evening started with a panel of academics briefly sharing their views on the Bill and then discussion was opened up to the floor. 


    As part of a visit to Strathclyde Partnership for Transport in Glasgow to discuss the Bill, Committee Members visited recent transport developments in Glasgow city centre including a tour of Buchanan Bus Station, refurbished Buchanan Street Subway Station, bus gate at Nelson Mandela Place and Union Street redevelopment.


    Work by other Committees


    The Committee published its report on the Bill on 7 March 2019.

    The Committee received the below response to its report -


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