Draft Budget Scrutiny 2020-21: Call for Views

Delivery of national equalities and human rights priorities in partnership with the third sector.

The Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee (EHRiC) is seeking views on delivery of national equalities and human rights priorities as part of its scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Budget for 2020-21.

Please note that in most cases your written submission will be published on the Scottish Parliament’s website and may be quoted in the Committee’s report or in Committee meetings (which are public and broadcast).

If you wish to request that your submission be published without your name, please contact us on: [email protected] or 0131 348 5048.

Before making a submission, please read our privacy notice about submitting your views to a Committee Privacy Notice. This tells you about how we process your personal data.


As part of the Committee’s consideration of the Scottish Budget for 2020-21 the Committee wants to explore public sector funding to third sector organisations that deliver national equalities and human rights priorities, and to assess the accountability of public bodies partnering with the third sector in achieving better outcomes for those groups who have equality needs or require support to access their rights.

Key Issues

The Committee would particularly welcome responses on the following questions. If you would like to make a response, you do not need to answer all of these questions and can feel free to focus just on those that are relevant to or interest you. Please limit your response to no more than four sides of A4.

  • What are the key public policy areas where individuals and protected groups are struggling to access their rights?

  • Which groups of people are most likely to be affected and why?

  • What type of public sector funding (European, national or local) is provided to your organisation to support vulnerable groups and those with protected characteristics to access public services?

  • Is the level of public sector funding provided enough to deliver national priorities and better outcomes for people and communities, please provide evidence?

  • Are there public funding challenges for the third sector; if so what would be the implications for delivering equalities and human rights outcomes?  

  • What type of administrative systems are in place to monitor the impact on equalities and human rights outcomes from public sector funding to the third sector?  

  • What changes could be made to improve accountability for national priorities being delivered by the public sector in partnership with the third sector?

The Committee intends to take evidence in autumn 2019 and report to Parliament thereafter.

How to submit your views

Your response does not need to cover all of the areas specified and can just focus on those that are relevant to you or your organisation. You are also welcome to provide other information that you feel would be relevant. The closing date for receipt of submissions is.

The closing date for receipt for submissions is FRIDAY 23 AUGUST

If possible, we would be grateful if you could keep your submission to a maximum of 4 sides of A4. Written responses should be sent electronically to the following address:

We welcome written views in English, Gaelic, Scots or any other language. Due to the time required to process and analyse evidence, late submissions will only be accepted with the agreement of the Committee.

If you cannot submit electronically you may send in a hard copy written submission. If you are sending in a hard copy submission, please send them to: [email protected]

Equalities and Human Rights Committee
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

Please follow the Committee on Twitter (@SP_EHRiC) or email the Committee at [email protected] for more information.


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