Green Recovery


About the Inquiry

A green, just and resilient recovery has been highlighted by Governments across the world, including the Scottish Government, as essential in effectively responding to the current challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis (including the social and economic challenges).

The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee is undertaking an inquiry to establish the principles that should underpin a green recovery, to identify key actions for change, immediate priorities, potential barriers to implementation and the governance arrangements needed to deliver this.

The Committee launched an open call for views on 26 June 2020 (which can be found below) and wrote to several experts across the UK to seek further detail on the aspects identified above (the deadline for responses to both is 7 August 2020). As part of this inquiry, and following on from the evidence session on 15 June 2020, the Committee also agreed to write to the Scottish Government to explore the parameters of a green recovery in more detail (response deadline is 31 July 2020).

The evidence we gather will support the work of this committee, and other parliamentary committees, on scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s green recovery plans. After gathering written views, the Committee will take oral evidence from experts and stakeholders in September, hear from various Cabinet Secretaries in October, and report ahead of the 2021/22 draft budget and the updated climate change plan.


Call for views (closed)

The Committee issued a call for views on 26 June 2020. The closing date for written submissions was 7 August 2020.

Read the call for views

Written evidence

The Committee received a considerable amount of submissions for this inquiry. As such, please be aware that we will be publishing in batches and aim to have all submissions published as soon as possible.

Read the written submissions


The Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary setting out questions with regards to the inquiry. Read the letter and response:

The Convener wrote to the Scottish Parliament's subject committees advising of the work being carried out, and then later with an update. Read the letters:

Following the above letters, the Convener wrote to the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee with an update. Read the letter:


As part of the Committee’s inquiry into Green Recovery, the Parliament’s Community Outreach Team engaged directly with third sector groups and communities across Scotland through virtual events, as well as a postcard consultation exercise, to explore the key themes and actions needed to build a just, sustainable and inclusive recovery. Read the notes compiled by the Parliament’s Outreach team on these engagements:


The Committee reported on its recommendations on 8 November 2020. Read the report and the Scottish Government's response:

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