Common Frameworks – Hazardous Substances Planning


About the Inquiry

Following the exit from the European Union, the UK and devolved Governments and administrations began a process of developing UK-wide “common frameworks” to ensure stability and security across the UK after the end of the transition period (31 December 2020). These frameworks covered key issues across the UK including governance and decision-making, the UK internal market, the future relationship with the EU, domestic trade and international obligations, and Northern Ireland.

The Committee’s role was to scrutinise the proposed approach set out in any common frameworks that fall within their remit. The Finance and Constitution Committee has a role in considering the wider implications of common frameworks and the constitutional impact of them.


Wednesday 18 November 2020 

The Committee agreed its approach to scrutiny of the Common Framework on Hazardous Substances Planning and wrote to industry stakeholders and held an evidence session with the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning.

Links to: Papers minutes Official Report

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Links to: Papers  minutes  Official Report

Ahead of this meeting the following submission was received;



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