Fathers and parenting




Keen to hear about the experiences of single fathers and fathers with shared custody of children, the Equal Opportunities Committee sought to identify the key challenges fathers faced in day-to-day life and the quality of support currently available to them.

As well as hearing from fathers about their own experiences, we wanted to hear from statutory services and organisations that provide support to single fathers.

Areas which we were interested in hearing about included—

  • the provision of services and support groups; 
  • societal attitudes towards lone / unmarried fathers; and
  • issues around parental rights and responsibilities for fathers.


January to September 2014


We launched our call for evidence on 11 January 2014 and took oral evidence in March.

A summary paper of evidence received is available, along with all individual evidence.

Evidence received


The Committee published its report on 18 May 2014—

1st Report, 2014 (Session 4): Fathers and Parenting

The Committee received the Scottish Govenment's response on 24 September 2014— 


You can contact the Clerking team by email at
[email protected], or by phone on 0131 348 5408.

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