12th Report, 2014 (Session 4): Legislative Consent Memorandum: Infrastructure Bill

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12th Report, 2014 (Session 4)

Legislative Consent Memorandum: Infrastructure Bill

Remit and membership


The remit of the Committee is to consider and report on the Scottish economy, enterprise, energy, tourism and renewables and all other matters within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth apart from those covered by the remit of the Local Government and Regeneration Committee and matters relating to the Cities Strategy falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy.


Richard Baker
Chic Brodie
Murdo Fraser (Convener)
Patrick Harvie
Richard Lyle
Gordon MacDonald
Joan McAlpine
Margaret McDougall
Dennis Robertson (Deputy Convener)

Committee Clerking Team:

Clerk to the Committee
Douglas Wands

Senior Assistant Clerk
Rodger Evans

Assistant Clerk
Diane Barr

Legislative Consent Memorandum: Infrastructure Bill

The Committee reports to the Parliament as follows—


1. On 11 November 2014, the Scottish Government laid a Legislative Consent Memorandum (LCM) following amendment of the UK Infrastructure Bill In the House of Lords. The LCM is available on the Parliament’s website.1 The Parliamentary Bureau referred the LCM to the Committee on 25 November 2014.

2. The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee did not consider the LCM as its remit was not engaged.

Consideration by the Committee and Recommendation

3. The Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee considered the LCM at its meeting on 3 December 2014.2

4. Asked whether the appointment of an alternative administrator for the Renewable Heat Incentive could result in a conflict arising with Ofgem, should it continue to manage the appeals process, the Minister responded that the Scottish Government considered that the new appeals process would apply irrespective of any change which might be made to administration of the scheme, and would allow the flexibility to modify the appeals process currently managed by Ofgem.

5. The Committee recommends that the Parliament gives its consent.

Any links to external websites in this report were working correctly at the time of publication.  However, the Scottish Parliament cannot accept responsibility for content on external websites.


1 UK Infrastructure Bill http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2014-15/infrastructure.html

2 Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee. Official Report, 3 December 2014.

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