Inquiry - Women and Social Security



In March 2015 the Committee agreed to conduct an inquiry into the experiences of women when dealing with the recent welfare reforms.

The Committee wanted to know:

“What is the impact of welfare reform on women?”

The Committee invited submissions to address the following questions.  When answering the questions it welcomed, where appropriate, comments or examples of the particular ways in which women’s experience differs from men.

  • What is your (or your clients) experience of being on benefits or employment support?
  • How has your (or your clients) experience with the benefit system changed in recent years since the introduction of the welfare reforms?
  • Are there any challenges involved in being in receipt of your (your clients) particular benefits?
  • What would be your priorities for change when certain benefits / elements of employment support are devolved to Scotland?
  • Do you have any suggestions of practical improvements that you would like to see when certain benefits / elements of employment support are under Scottish control?

While the Committee sought a woman’s perspective on the issues of welfare reform it welcomes views from all interested parties.

The closing date for receipt of submissions was Friday 1st May.

People were also invited to share their views by tweeting the Committee using the hashtag #womenandwelfare.


Written Evidence

The call for evidence was launched on 13th March and closed on 1st May 2015.

The Committee took oral evidence at its meetings on 19th May and 2nd June 2015.

Read the meeting papers and Official Reports 


The Committee published its report to the Scottish Parliament on 6 July 2015.

Read the Welfare Reform Committee’s 3rd Report, 2015 (Session 4), Women and Social Security (SP Paper 773) 

Read the news release about the report 

The Scottish Government responded to the report on 23 September 2015.

Scottish Government Response to Women and Social Security Report (4408KB pdf)


The Committee’s inquiry was debated in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament on 26 November 2015.

Read the Official Report of the debate


For Committee information, contact: The Clerk 0131 348 5182 – [email protected]

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