Official Report


  • Equal Opportunities Committee 10 March 2016    
    • Attendance


      *Margaret McCulloch (Central Scotland) (Lab)

      Deputy convener

      *Sandra White (Glasgow Kelvin) (SNP)

      Committee members

      *Christian Allard (North East Scotland) (SNP)
      *John Finnie (Highlands and Islands) (Ind)
      *Annabel Goldie (West Scotland) (Con)
      *John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (SNP)
      *Drew Smith (Glasgow) (Lab)


      Clerk to the committee

      Ruth McGill


      The James Clerk Maxwell Room (CR4)


    • Decision on Taking Business in Private
      • The Convener (Margaret McCulloch):

        Welcome to the Equal Opportunities Committee’s sixth meeting in 2016. Please switch all electronic devices to flight mode or off.

        Agenda item 1 is a decision on taking business in private. Does the committee agree to consider in private at agenda item 3 its approach to this session’s legacy report?

        Members indicated agreement.

    • Subordinate Legislation
      • Gender Recognition (Marriage and Civil Partnership Registration) (Scotland) Regulations 2016 (SSI 2016/66)
      • Gender Recognition (Marriage and Civil Partnership Registration) (Modification) (Scotland) Order 2016 (SSI 2016/67)
        • The Convener:

          Agenda item 2 is subordinate legislation. The committee is asked to consider two negative instruments, SSI 2016/66 and SSI 2016/67, both of which relate to gender recognition, marriage and civil partnership. Further information can be found in the policy notes.

          The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee determined that it did not need to draw the instruments to the attention of the Parliament. Members should note that no motions to annul have been received in relation to the instruments.

          Do members have any comments or questions?

        • Christian Allard (North East Scotland) (SNP):

          I welcome the orders. Let us not forget that this committee was very much involved in the primary legislation, so I am very happy to send them off.

        • The Convener:

          Thank you. Does the committee agree that it does not wish to make any recommendations in relation to the instruments?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • The Convener:

          That concludes the public part of today’s meeting. As this is likely to be our last meeting before dissolution, I thank everyone for their work this session.

          10:02 Meeting continued in private until 10:30.