Official Report


  • Equal Opportunities Committee, 25 Nov 2003    
      • [The Convener opened the meeting at 10:04]

      • Items in Private
        • The Convener (Cathy Peattie):
          Good morning and welcome to the eighth meeting of the Equal Opportunities Committee in the second session of Parliament. I have received apologies from Frances Curran and Mrs Nanette Milne.

          Item 3 concerns an approach paper and includes consideration of possible witnesses. Item 4 concerns a draft response and item 5 concerns proposed lines of questioning. Do members agree to discuss items 3, 4 and 5 in private?

          Members indicated agreement.

      • Gender Recognition Bill (UK Legislation)
        • The Convener:
          We move on to item 2. Do members agree to take evidence on the Gender Recognition Bill at our meeting of 9 December?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • Elaine Smith (Coatbridge and Chryston) (Lab):
          Do you know when the Sewel motion on the bill might be lodged?

        • The Convener:
          As far as the clerks and I know, the bill will be included in the Queen's speech this week. I have spoken to the appropriate minister, who does not yet know what the situation will be, but rather than have a Sewel motion come up too quickly for us to be able to react, we need to ensure that the work that we want to do on the issue is done.

        • Elaine Smith:
          That is fine.

        • The Convener:
          Do members agree that the clerks should liaise with the Equality Network to finalise the evidence-taking session?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • Margaret Smith (Edinburgh West) (LD):
          One organisation that is mentioned in the Scottish Parliament information centre's briefing paper is Press for Change. I think that it might be a United Kingdom based rather than a Scotland-based organisation, but Press for Change has always done a lot of work on gender recognition. It is the main campaigning organisation at Westminster on the issue, so it might be worth checking with the Equality Network whether Press for Change has a locus in Scotland.

        • The Convener:
          Okay—we will do that.

        • Meeting continued in private until 11:06.