Official Report


  • Hutchesons’ Hospital Transfer and Dissolution (Scotland) Bill Committee 06 March 2019    
    • Attendance


      *Kezia Dugdale (Lothian) (Lab)

      Deputy convener

      *Stewart Stevenson (Banffshire and Buchan Coast) (SNP)

      Committee members

      *Maurice Corry (West Scotland) (Con)
      *Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South) (SNP)


      Clerk to the committee

      Vanda Knowles


      The James Clerk Maxwell Room (CR4)


    • Hutchesons’ Hospital Transfer and Dissolution (Scotland) Bill: Consideration Stage
      • The Convener (Kezia Dugdale):

        Good morning and welcome to the first meeting in 2019 of the Hutchesons’ Hospital Transfer and Dissolution (Scotland) Bill Committee. I remind all present, including members, that mobile phones should be turned to silent.

        Agenda item 1 is consideration stage of the Hutchesons’ Hospital Transfer and Dissolution (Scotland) Bill. Normally, at this stage, there is consideration of objections, followed by formal proceedings on amendments. However, in this instance, no objections or amendments have been lodged, so the only function of this stage is to formally consider and agree the bill’s individual provisions.

        Although we have no amendments to deal with, we are obliged under standing orders to consider and formally agree each section and the long title of the bill. We will take the sections in order and the long title last, but standing orders allow us to put a single question where groups of sections are to be considered consecutively. Unless members disagree, that is what I propose to do. Is the committee content with that approach?

        Members indicated agreement.

        Sections 1 to 5 agreed to.

        Long title agreed to.

      • The Convener:

        That ends consideration stage. Now that the committee has completed its consideration of the bill, this is likely to be our final meeting, and the bill will now proceed to the final stage, which will take place in the chamber.

        I thank the promoters and the members for their assistance with and work on the bill to date, and I close the meeting.

        Meeting closed at 10:31.