Official Report


  • Baird Trust Reorganisation Bill Committee, 26 Apr 2005    
      • [The Oldest Committee Member opened the meeting at 15:16]

      • Interests
        • Trish Godman (Oldest Committee Member):
          Good afternoon and welcome to the first meeting of the Baird Trust Reorganisation Bill Committee. I am distinguished by being the committee's oldest member—possibly the oldest member in the world—so I will chair the meeting until we choose a convener.

          The first agenda item is declaration of interests. The declaration is a statutory requirement, so I advise committee members to err on the side of caution and declare any interest that would prejudice or appear to prejudice their ability to participate in a disinterested manner in the committee's proceedings. I ask members to indicate if they have anything to declare.

          As we have no declarations, we will proceed to the next agenda item.

      • Convener
      • Deputy Convener
        • The Convener:
          Under a Parliamentary Bureau motion, the deputy convener of the committee will be a member of the Labour Party. Under agenda item 3, I invite nominations for deputy convener.

        • Trish Godman (West Renfrewshire) (Lab):
          I nominate Scott Barrie.

        • The Convener:
          Does the committee agree to choose Scott Barrie as deputy convener?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • Scott Barrie was chosen as deputy convener.

      • Item in Private
        • The Convener:
          Agenda item 4 is consideration of whether to take item 5 in private. The reason for taking that item in private is that we will discuss potential witnesses. Once we have decided which witnesses to call, the information will be made public.

          Do we agree to take item 5 in private?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • Meeting continued in private until 15:23.