Official Report


  • Health Committee, 27 Jan 2004    
      • [The Convener opened the meeting at 14:01]

      • Items in Private
        • The Convener (Christine Grahame):
          I open the fourth meeting of the Health Committee in 2004 and I ask everybody to switch off their mobile phones. There are no apologies.

          Item 1 on the agenda is to ask the committee to consider whether to take item 2 in private at this meeting. That item is consideration of the draft stage 1 report on the National Health Service Reform (Scotland) Bill. In addition, we must consider whether at our next meeting on 3 February we will discuss in private the work-force planning civic participation bid.

          Could I have members' views, please?

        • Mike Rumbles (West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine) (LD):
          There is an assumption in standing orders that our committee meetings should be heard in public. I am content to assume that we will conduct our business in public according to the standing orders, unless there are exceptional circumstances in which we need to meet in private. If we were to go into private session now, we would also be talking about going into private session at the next meeting.

          Exceptional circumstances include times when we discuss individuals, or when individuals could be unfairly highlighted, but I do not see that that will happen in the discussions in question. I would be content for us to hold to standing orders.

        • The Convener:
          Do you want both items to be discussed in public, or only one of them?

        • Mike Rumbles:
          The position is that according to standing orders we assume—

        • The Convener:
          Yes. Thank you.

        • Mike Rumbles:
          May I finish, convener?

        • The Convener:
          I presume that you want both items to be taken in public.

        • Mike Rumbles:
          If you would let me finish. The standing orders say that we should assume that both items be taken in public session unless the case is made that we discuss them in private. I am willing to listen to that case.

        • The Convener:
          Does any other committee member share those views?

          Members indicated disagreement.

        • The Convener:
          No one shares those views. As I think that we had a full discussion of the issue at a previous meeting and as no one else shares Mike Rumbles's view, I rule that the items will be taken in private session.

          Is that agreed?

          Members indicated agreement.

        • Mike Rumbles:

        • The Convener:
          It is agreed with one exception that we will discuss the items in private; that can be noted.

          I move now to item 2 on the agenda.

        • Meeting continued in private until 15:22.