Official Report


Local Government and Transport Committee, 10 Feb 2004

Scottish Parliament
Local Government and Transport Committee
Tuesday 10 February 2004

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: [The Convener opened the meeting at 14:04]

Items in Private

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The Convener (Bristow Muldoon): : I welcome members to this meeting of the Local Government and Transport Committee. The first agenda item is consideration of whether to take the other two agenda items in private. Item 2 is consideration of our draft stage 1 report on the Local Governance (Scotland) Bill. We normally consider reports in private before their publication. Item 3 is consideration of our approach to the budget process 2005-06 and will involve discussion of witnesses and of subjects that we want to explore. Do members agree to take those items in private?

Tommy Sheridan (Glasgow) (SSP): : I ask for my dissent to be recorded.

The Convener: : That is fine. Do other members agree to take those items in private?

Members indicated agreement.

The Convener: : Tommy Sheridan's dissent will be recorded.

: Meeting continued in private until 15:28.