The Scottish Parliament Sustainable Travel Plan

Welcome to the Sustainable Travel Plan web pages, where you can access information on our current travel patterns and find out how we plan to increase sustainable travel over the next few years.

The Scottish Parliament sustainable travel plan shows how we can travel sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint from our travel activities. The travel plan outlines active travel options and includes ways to make car journeys more sustainable. It complements sustainable working practices and emphasizes the active travel activities that have been implemented across the Parliament.

Find out how you can travel more sustainably; and how much you can save by choosing sustainable travel options. Calculate your journey here.



Walking is the most cost effective form of transport and produces zero emissions

Brief case

Business Travel

What we can do to manage our business travel more sustainably



Cars may be practical, but they have a high carbon footprint. Ways to reduce emissions from your car journey


Bus and Train

Public transport is a great way to reduce emissions and ease traffic congestion, as well as being accessibility to everyone.


The Scottish Parliament is recognised as Cycle Friendly Employer by Cycling Scotland.



Motorcycles are cheaper and produce fewer emissions when compared to car journeys.

Read the full plan

You can read the full plan at the following link:

Scottish Parliament Sustainable Travel Plan 2021-2022 (4MB pdf)


Contact details

Environmental Performance Manager

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 86130

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