Environment and land use

What has the Scottish Parliament done?

Here are a few examples of what has been done in this area:


This act includes a proposal to devolve some of the management of the Crown Estate to local Scottish local authorities. The bill received Royal Assent on 15 January 2019. 

This act aims to modernise and improve specific aspects of land ownership and rights over land. The act provides for the creation of a Scottish Land Commission to review the impacts and effectiveness of land law or policy, and provides for a right of access to information about those in control of land for interested parties.

Summary (11KB pdf)

The act contains provisions for setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to introduce a framework for advice and reporting on climate change. It also allows for climate change duties to be placed on local authorities.

Summary (94KB pdf)

Committee inquiries

The committee raised concerns over the quality of wildlife crime data and the low number of criminal proceedings in relation to the number of incidents reported to the police, and emphasised the need for the location of wildlife crimes to be effectively and consistently mapped. 

What is the Scottish Parliament doing?

Here is an example of what is currently being done in this area:

The Bill provides further protections to animals and wildlife in Scotland.  It amends the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, several pieces of wildlife legislation and the Animal Health Act 1981 to address concerns about current penalties, enforcement powers and the way this legislation operates in practice. 

Follow the work of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee on its webpage.

Official Report

What is said in public in committees and in the Chamber, including debates and statements by Scottish Government Ministers, is recorded in the Official Report.

Use the Official Report search to find details of MSPs’ discussions in the Parliament on a particular issue. 

Questions and motions

MSPs ask questions and lodge motions, some of which are debated, to gather information and raise awareness of issues.

Enter a keyword in the search to find out what MSPs have said about a specific subject.  

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