Local government


What has the Scottish Parliament done?

Here are a few examples of what has been done in this area:


This act established an Electoral Management Board for Scotland and extended the Electoral Commission’s remit to include Scottish local government elections.

Among other things, this act introduced the Single Transferrable Vote for council elections and changed the minimum age for standing as a councillor from 21 to 18.

Committee inquiries

The committee recommended that, subject to minimum standards across the country, each local authority should be free to determine what powers to exercise and that central controls at all levels should be kept to a minimum.

What is the Scottish Parliament doing?

Here is an example of what is currently being done in this area:

The Local Government and Communities Committee is considering the key implications for Scottish local government of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Follow the work of the Local Government and Communities committee on its webpage.

Official Report

What is said in public in committees and in the Chamber, including debates and statements by Scottish Government Ministers, is recorded in the Official Report.

Use the Official Report search to find details of MSPs’ discussions in the Parliament on a particular issue.  

Questions and motions

MSPs ask questions and lodge motions, some of which are debated, to gather information and raise awareness of issues.

Enter a keyword in the search to find out what MSPs have said about a specific subject.  

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