Pieces of Parliament

Pieces of Parliament is a series of short lessons, ideal for homework, blended learning or an in-class activity.

Each one explores a different part of the work of the Scottish Parliament and is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary ages.

This series will be added to so keep checking back for more additions.

A Piece of Parliament - FMQs (27MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - Diary of an MSP (28 MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - Laws (23MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - MSPs (22.5MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - Committees (21MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - Petitions (21MB PPT)

(Please note: this includes a live link to current petitions. Teachers of younger ages may want to check the topics covered before allowing children to browse through the list.)

A Piece of Parliament - Parliament and Government (23MB PPT)

A Piece of Parliament - Powers (25MB PPT)

Criomanan Pàrlamaid

‘S e sreath de leasanan goirid a th’ ann an Criomanan Pàrlamaid, foirfe mar obair dhachaigh, ionnsachadh co-mheasgaichte no ionnsachadh san sgoil.

Bheir gach fear sealladh eadar-dhealaichte air obair Pàrlamaid na h-Alba, freagarrach do sgoilearan nas sine sa bhun-sgoil/nas òige san àrd-sgoil.

Cuirear barrachd ris an t-sreath, is mar sin cùmaibh sùil a-mach ‘son rudan ùra.

Criomanan Pàrlamaid - Ceistean a’ Phrìomh Mhinisteir (27MB PPT)

Crioman Pàrlamaid – BPA (22MB PPT)

Crioman Pàrlamaid - Comataidhean (22MB PPT)


Crioman Pàrlamaid – Athchuingean (21MB PPT)

(thoiribh an aire: tha ceangal beò ann gu h-athchuingean làithreach. ‘S dòcha gum bi tidsearan de chloinn nas òige airson coimhead air na cuspairean mus leig iad leotha sùil a thoirt air a’ chlàr.)

Crioman Pàrlamaid: Pàrlamaid agus Riaghaltas (28MB PPT)

Criomanan Pàrlamaid - Cumhachdan (27MB PPT)

Crioman Pàrlamaid – Laghan (23MB PPT)

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