Environmental Policy



To become a leader in environmental performance best practice, and to embed sustainability into the heart of our operations.


Protect the environment by minimising pollution and resource consumption, and supporting and encouraging biodiversity. Drive continual improvement of our environmental performance in terms of energy consumption and waste minimisation. 


We will:

  • Ensure all of our employees, Members of the Scottish Parliament and other building users fully understand the contribution they can make to improving our environmental performance;

  • Mitigate against climate change by measuring and reducing the Parliament’s carbon footprint;

  • Adapt for climate change by preparing contingency plans to deal with a changing climate, adverse weather conditions and the associated impacts;

  • Adopt a strategy for managing the energy consumption of the Parliament incorporating energy efficiency, efficient technology and on site renewables.

  • Use water efficiently;

  • Safe guard resources by minimising waste and identifying ways to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle materials;

  • Purchase in an environmentally responsible manner in line with the Responsible Purchasing Policy and Strategy;

  • Reduce the need to travel and develop and promote the use of sustainable travel by people working in and visiting the building;

  • Support and encourage biodiversity within the parliamentary grounds

  • Comply with environmental legislation. 

This Environment Policy has been agreed by the SPCB and the Parliament's Leadership Group, and adopted by all those working in and using the Parliament.

Ken Macintosh

Presiding Officer                             

David McGill


Chief Executive

Policy Date: 2019

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