Claire Wheeldon, Inclusion, 2002-03

Claire Wheeldon (b. 1977 Glasgow), lives and works in Edinburgh.

Claire Wheeldon was commissioned to produce new photographic work for the Parliament Collection at the time of it being established, and the subject of her commission was to explore identity in Scotland today. 

The artist has acknowledged in her approach to this commission that it is impossible to explore the identity and diversity of Scotland in just ten photographs. Instead, her aim was to emphasise that this was a random selection, and that many groups were absent. The artist has deliberately chosen to work with groups who are not considered to be in the 'mainstream' of Scottish society.

The individuals in the groups are posed in a way that is unexpected. We see a collection of individuals, facing in different directions, located in an environment that they usually share with other individuals in the group. There is a tension in the photographs that raises questions about how the identity of individuals and groups is defined.

group photograph

'I was interested in the idea of having groups on the fringe of society represented within the Parliament building. It was impossible to represent everyone so I was keen that the groupings I chose went some way to depict what was happening at the time the Parliament was being built. I wanted the randomness of the groupings to emphasise the absence of others.'  Claire Wheeldon


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