Sjoerd Buisman, Crassula, 1994

Sjoerd Buisman (b. 1948 in Gorinchem) Lives and works in Amsterdam

Blue painted bronze sculpture on oak plinth

This sculpture is one of a series created by the artist that investigate the growth patterns of the Crassula plant. The sculpture is the artist’s expression of a section of the Crassula plant as if magnified under a microscope. The artist is interested in making an invisible process of nature visible through his art.  Many of his works involve controlling the processes of nature over a period of time.

The sculpture was gifted by the Dutch Government.

Crassula, blue painted brozne, wooden plinth

"I think I have always had an interest in nature. Even when I was a young boy at school, I would try to influence the growth process of plants by constantly changing their positions. It was only later at the art academy that I really started to get seriously involved in it. I made a very conscious decision then to use nature as the subject for my art, because I could not find an abstract way of processing experience, and I absolutely did not want to work from models. I wanted more a sort of reality than that artificial stuff. That's how I started to use real plants."  Sjoerd Buisman

Artist Biography

Born in Gorinchem in the Netherlands in 1948, Sjoerd Buisman studied at the Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Art Academy) in Rotterdam, where he later held a Professorship from 1974 until 1981. At this period in his career, he was living and working in Haarlem where he developed a series of Upside Down works. In 1999 he received a Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and the Arts of the Netherlands. He has exhibited in many venues in Europe, including galleries in Berlin, London, Brussels and The Hague.

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