Declaration of Arbroath (Reproduction print)

The original Declaration of Arbroath is in the collections of the National Archives of Scotland and dates from April 1320. It was the plea of the Scots to Pope John XXII to support independence for Scotland. Although it was 1324 before the Pope recognised Robert the Bruce as King, the Declaration is one of the earliest explicit statements of national identity in Europe.

 Presented to the Parliament by the National Archives of Scotland on St Andrew’s Day 2000, this print is from a copper plate in their collections engraved by William Home Lizars around 1815. It was originally produced for a publication in the nineteenth century, the Facsimiles of National Manuscripts of Scotland 1867 – 1871 and then remained unprinted until 2000. It is part of a limited edition of 100 commissioned by the Archives from the Berwick Studios in Northumberland.

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