Jorg Hempel, Photographs of other Parliaments and their Debating Chambers

Jörg Hempel

These photographs show the architectural styles of other Parliaments and the layouts of their debating chambers – some are adversarial and confrontational, other designs are more democratic.

The photographs were originally displayed as part of an exhibition entitled The Architecture of Democracy during Glasgow’s year as City of Architecture and Design in 1999.Parliaments and DebatingChambers

The Parliaments featured are:

Austrian Parliament, Vienna

Belgian Parliament, Brussels

Danish Parliament, Copenhagen

Dutch Parliament, The Hague

European Parliament, Brussels

European Parliament, Strasbourg

Finnish Parliament, Helsinki

French Parliament, Paris

German Parliament, Bonn

Greek Parliament, Athens

Irish Parliament, Dublin

Italian House of Commons, Rome

Italian Senate, Rome

Luxembourg Parliament, Luxembourg

Norwegian Parliament, Oslo

Portugese Parliament, Lisbon

Russian Parliament, Moscow

Spanish Parliament, Madrid

Swedish Parliament, Stockholm

United Kingdom Parliament, London

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